a little finish

I started and finished this LHN piece (Night & Day) pretty quickly. In my usual rebellious fashion, I changed the colors a bit and left off the border. This will probably wind up in my stitching scrapbook.

Have you seen the new set of silk thread packs from Little House? I think I may have to sign up for an auto on these:

I’m still mulling over my building plans for the MMIRR. I’m not sure yet how I want to order my houses (in a row, set of squares, etc.) but I do know I’d like to include buildings that represent important aspects of my life… I’d like to design them myself, but will time allow? Thank goodness we don’t have to start stitching until December 31st! The e.e. cummings poem I’ll be using as a theme for my neighborhood is:

i thank you God for most this amazing day:
for the leaping greenly spirit of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;
and for everything which is natural
which is infinite
which is yes


14 thoughts on “a little finish

  1. how pretty!!!! Wonderful house finish!!! Gosh, there are so many houses available to those of us doing the MMIRR piece…we need a HUGE piece of fabric…
    I am still undecided. I am thinking either bible verses for my border or a song by my favorite artist!!!

  2. Really cute finish…I keep saying I’m going to stitch that one :) Love that Sea to Shining Sea, think I may need to get it too!

  3. Your work is so gorgeous! I am looking very forward to seeing your “neighborhood”. I am sure it will be spectacular.

  4. Hi Monqiue,
    Great poem – I look forward to your RR as it takes shape. I joined today – couldn’t resist any longer. LOL


  5. Night and Day looks great! And OMG! I love that new set of charts. It will definitely be on the wishlist.

  6. Love the finish Monique. I didn’t see the new thread packs and thanks for enabling! sigh You knew I’d be hooked with the houses on water for sure! LOL

  7. OOoh, love that poem. Fabulous! I need to get thinking about my MM&I RR soon. I’ve been procrastinating I think. ; )

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