what to read while catsitting

I went to the library and stumbled across this mystery series by Blaize Clement.  How could I pass up a book called, “Curiosity Killed the Catsitter” to read while catsitting?!  I’m almost done with the third book in the series… they are quick reads.  Oh! I just found a neat website that lists books (by author) in series order, Cozy Mystery List.

I’m taking care of 2 cats, but I couldn’t get Martha to sit still for a picture.  (she’s been indulging in catnip this afternoon)  Here’s a picture of the handsome beast, Moses:

I just love the study, which is where the computer is!  It’s a pretty room with French doors and antique furniture… even one of those cool globes on a stand.  I won’t be sharing pictures of their house on my blog, but I can’t resist showing you a picture of the desk in here… isn’t the carving incredible?

Not as much stitching as I’d like yet… I’ve still got some more work to do before I can really relax.


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  1. Thanks for the link to the book site, it looks helpful. Lovely cat and the desk is awesome.

  2. Handsome beast, indeed! And a gorgeous desk, too. Looks like you are having a great time!

  3. Hi – thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog about my PIF!

    Love the desk, Adore the cats!!

    I am moved by the picture of the rubble. I think when the trade towers went down, it was too much to absorb. Little by little, over time, we let in as much as we can absorb. Last summer I went to some sites which showed You tube home videos of the attack and I was stunned. The impact hit me harder than on the day of the attack. I could relate more readily to the devastation and the breadth of the tragedies. One tape had someone in the background saying “OMG- my mother works there and she stayed home from work today!” I got chills just writing it and remembering. We must never forget. No, our city doesn’t have any of the remaining steel. I did see a photo of a ship made from recycled beams and metals from the disaster. It was moving to see. Thanks for the photo. It has touched me.

  4. OOPS! I left the comment under the wrong post- I’m used to having the comments at the bottom. Mentally move it up to the other post!!

  5. I read Even Catsitters get the Blues and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the link to the Cozy Mystery site. I love to read and stitch.

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