Thursday afternoon, September the 11th

I showed you a picture of the handsome beast last time… now here’s one of the pretty princess:


So it’s a rainy, gloomy Thursday and I’m moving a little more slowly than normal today.  These gray days tend to make me feel nappy… nothing beats a nice afternoon nap during a gentle rainstorm!  I have resisted the urge, though, and instead have been working on some new things for my Etsy shop:


I’ve passed this memorial a few times now, and it has made an impression on me each time.  (I wonder how many times you have to drive by something like this to get numb to it?)  For whatever reason, the city of O’Fallon brought back 22 tons of steel from the World Trade Center after 9/11… some of it is at city hall and some is here, near where I’m catsitting.  Do other cities have these, too?  I was trying to figure out why this area got so much of it (because you know it wasn’t cheap to haul back here) but maybe the rubble was just parceled out to a variety of cities throughout the US?  Anyway, here’s a few pics:


9 thoughts on “Thursday afternoon, September the 11th

  1. Monique I knew you lived around St. Louis, but do you live in O’Fallon? My Daddy lived in Collinsville for many years before moving to High Ridge, MO.
    We are from Haubstadt, IN and would pass O’Fallon many times, we eat there at some restaurant I can’t think of the name, maybe a BBQ place…who knows…But driving down I-64 I’d alway be happy to reach O’Fallon because I knew a potty break was in my future ;o)

    The memorial is awesome!

  2. What a beutiful kitty that is!

    I know exactly what you mean about driving by the memorial. I feel the same way every time I drive by the Pentagon. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Memorial. Hopefully I’ll venture over there soon.

    What a beautiful kitty that is!

  3. What a beautiful cat! she is lovely! And I have honestly not heard of any city around here with WTC steel created memorials. Sounds like your town got something very unique!~
    Thanks for your visit :)

  4. Great additions to your etsy shop! :D And what a lovely kitty!

    There are no memorials here, but this one you’ve shown is really incredibly powerful and touching.

  5. Your Halloween thread counters are way too cute! I just ordered one :)

    We don’t have a 9-11 memorial, but read in the paper yesterday that they want to put one up. Seems the hold up is some legal tangles about who owns the land where the want to put it up. I haven’t seen the details yet, though.

  6. Handsome Beast and Pretty Princess certainly do make a striking couple!

  7. Gorgeous cat, and Moses was very handsome in his earlier picture too. I hadn’t seen the catsitter mystery, sounds like a fun series. I like the lighthearted, cozy, style of mysteries. Also, your earlier finish of Night and Day looked great, and I love your Xstitch ring, it’s perfect. I saw the new LHN series. I’d like to do this for my DD, expanding the border and putting on the top of it I’ve Been From, as with her travels she has been from sea to shining sea.

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