it’s TNNA weekend

Last night I went to the TNNA show to visit a few friends… came home with Paula’s new scissors and this stitching frame.   It was quiet so I had a chance to talk to the Images folks and try the frames.  You know these must be neat because I stitch in hand and got one anyway!  Maybe I’ll use it for canvaswork.

I’m off to the show…I’ll have more to tell you later, I’m sure :)


7 thoughts on “it’s TNNA weekend

  1. Ooh, lucky you! I saw those scissors and those are must have for me…actually, I think I’ll probably buy a couple pairs :)

  2. Hey Monique,
    If you get by Norden’s booth, please let me know how my models are displayed. Thanks!
    Have fun,

  3. Hi Monique,

    Sounds like you’ve been having fun lately.
    Cat sitting, book reading and designing
    fun stuff for your Etsy shop. And shopping!

    That lap frame looks pretty cool. I’ve
    seen pictures of it before and it’s quite
    a handsome piece. You’ll have to let us
    know how you like it to work on.

    I have a hoop, which is sort of spring
    loaded (instead of the kind where you
    slip the outer ring over the inner ring,
    breaking four finger nails in the
    process). I love it, and use it most
    often when stitching. I like the
    Q-snaps too, but not as much. I don’t
    think I could manage to stitch in hand.
    My ten thumbs would keep getting in the


  4. Lap frame looks great. Will have to look into that myself. Wish I could have joined you at the St Charles Market, it has to be wonderful. Have fun at the shop tomorrow.

  5. I have the Doodler and I just love it the stitching really is easy when you have both hands working the needle.

  6. thx for sharing! I just returned from House of Stitches & saw some of the new stuff. I got the orn mag & kitten pinkeep pattern. couldn’t resist the kitten : )

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