TNNA show report, part 2

(part 1 is here)

One of the best things about trade shows is getting to visit with friends.  I hung out for a bit with Jen, of Funk & Weber Designs, and learned a lot more about life in Alaska.  I wouldn’t survive many of the things she does, but I enjoy watching her do them… do you read her blog?  (The girl has moose in her garden and paddles canoes through iceburg caves.)  She also designs cool bookmarks and bits:

I also got to see Kat (of Cross Eyed Kat fame), another blogging designer. She always wears something catty at shows… here she is in her cat ears:

The Raise the Roof girls had come up with some fun designs (no surprise) and according to some they had gone too far this year.  “Snow Daddy” was rejected by a magazine as being too edgy… I think it’s pretty funny, but I guess someone didn’t want to offend all of the snow daddies out there:

I wish more pics had come out! grrrrr…   Monday night was the monthly meeting of my local stitching group and I was able to drag along a few designer friends with me.  Every 3rd Monday, we meet at a McDonald’s for stitching, chatting, and show & tell.  Here’s what that looked like:

Part 3 tomorrow… stashing report :)


9 thoughts on “TNNA show report, part 2

  1. Sure wish ya’ll met at a McDonalds near me! How fun!!!

    I was bugging Jen the other day about Alaska – wanted to know more about Gov. Palin from her :o) Jen’s designs are so fun looking – nice you got to hang out with her. I bet Alaska is gorgeous.


  2. Thanks for sharing Market reports Monique! I’m drooling over those pumpkins from Chessie! You’re enabling too you know. I’ll bet all the rooms were wonderful. My LNS has it’s Market Party tomorrow evening.

  3. I’m sorry… you meet at McDonalds’ to stitch? I don’t know why, but I find that funny.
    I’m really enjoying your market reports by the way!

  4. Wonderful pictures, Monique! Looks like you guys had a great time. And I love that you take over McDonald’s for your stitch night. Have you ever recruited new members from a stitcher just passing by and being curious?

    I’m still on the fence about the new RTR. It IS out there, but fun at the same time!

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