some show stash

So having a local show with my local shop owner in attendance was really handy! I don’t know how many times I said, “I want one of those”…

I couldn’t pass up a couple of Karen’s designs. Her models were gorgeous in person! Here’s “ABC Tapestry” and “Family Reunion” by Rosewood Manor:

In the From Nancy’s Needle suite, I spotted the “Amish Trip Around the World” that Nicole has been working on… couldn’t resist. I’ll be using this color scheme:

And I got two more:

Oooh… zipper bags! I have an addiction to zipper bags! These are from Stitch A Gift:

I got to talk to Val a bit on the last day; her designs just always cheer me up. Cute, cute, cute! Of course I got all of her new “little stuff” charts. Also in the pic are 2 bookmark charts by Jen and the newest Prairie Schooler freebie card:

I still haven’t gotten the JCS ornament issue yet and I’m dying over here :)


10 thoughts on “some show stash

  1. OOh, looks like Amish Trip Around the World is going in the living room! I have one of her charts–Summer Quilt, I think. She does lovely stuff.

    Thanks again for the great pics. :o)

  2. I just saw RM Quakers and Quilts and its gorgeous…I don’t know about those threads…but the chart is gorgeous. And Family Reunion is really nice – think Round Robin and friends initials…hmmm?!

  3. Great stashing Monique. I like RM Family Reunion, it’s on the wish list. Thanks for the sneak preview of Val’s little charts. Too cute.

  4. Great stashing! Have you done needlepoint before? I am working on a piece that will be a frame weight. It is a project that one of the guilds I belong to is teaching. I think I will make a second one, at least one more anyway, but not sure I will really get into it much more than that.

  5. Great stash haul Monique! :) I’m so glad to help inspire other stitchers! LOL! :) Your colorway looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see how it looks stitched.

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