my freewheeling days are numbered

My petsitting vacation is almost over already! Just a few more days until the family will be underfoot again, and someone else can hold the cat’s water glass.

This weekend I’m going to focus on getting ready for the beginning of our school year. (I know, we are starting a bit late, but we’ll catch up in no time.) My daughter is getting a new (well, used but new to us) computer for her schoolwork; I’m expecting a multi-outlet router to arrive today so I can hook both computers up to our DSL at once. I hope it comes with clear instructions!

I also plan to re-organize the schoolroom bookshelf. I still have last year’s texts on the shelves, while the new stuff is in boxes… this last month went by so crazily fast!

For those who have been asking, I’ve just listed a few Halloween Bat threadholders in my Etsy shop.  Those polka dots gave me serious grief, so they are on sale… I’ll have to keep practicing my dotting technique, I guess.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I’ve been a terrible commenter the past week or so, but I have been reading! I’ll be glad when my schedule is back to normal. (when will that be again?)


17 thoughts on “my freewheeling days are numbered

  1. What a spoiled kitty! Not that mine is much better.

    Where do you find your cute blinkies?

  2. I love the bats! There is a bat that comes out every evening and flies around the street light going after bugs. It is so interesting to watch. My fur babies are spoiled too!

  3. Sounds ( and looks) like you had a fantastic time at the show and came home with some very nice stash:)

    Love the thread holder and that is one spoilt kitty! Lol!

  4. That is toooooooooooo cute! Our cat, Miss Madeline, used to do that. She’d walk up to DH’s glass (usually him – her favorite person in the world)and stick her head in it. LOL Beautiful cat, by the way!

    Those batty threadholders are so clever!

  5. What??? You have to hold the glass so that the cat can drink? What’s his name – Pelle?

    Love your batty threadholder, Monique!

  6. What a fun picture, that kitty knows where the good stuff is. :)

    I loved all your market pictures, what fun it must have been to see all those designs and models and to meet everyone.

    Good luck getting everything ready and in order, and getting the computers all hooked up.

  7. Love the kitty drinking – that’s so cute … and one of the few things I miss about housesitting – getting to pet-sit! Love the bats threadkeeper … even if you had have problems going ‘dotty’, the bats are awesome! :D

  8. Family Reunion is at my LNS waiting on me to pick it up. It’s my next big project. Wish my shop carried Dinky Dyes. I don’t like to order because I have to wait too long. Looks like a great trip. And the cat! Too cute. Seems like most stitchers have cats…..

  9. Cool threadkeeper Monique! My cats love my orange spice green tea for some reason. I actually have to keep my teacup from them. LOL

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