Just Cross Stitch ornament issue!

Oh my gosh,ohmygosh, oh. my. gosh. This is so neat!

My husband picked up a copy of the ornament mag on his way home from work and I am very happy with how my ornament was displayed & photographed! The red wire hanger looks as though it got a bit mashed in transit (it was straighter when I mailed it) and the wool felt backing looks like it was cut by a little kid (yikes- that looked better in person!) but otherwise it looks great… and it’s right in the middle of the page, too:

And what a great page to be on! I love all of these designers:

Sometime this week I hope to sit down and do my annual devouring of this issue. I like to go through and read all of the stories and make note of which ornaments I want to stitch… and even get started on one of them. What’s funny is that I do this every year, and I almost never stitch any ornaments at all! (some years, I don’t even finish the first one I start) But the planning part is a nice way to spend a bit of an evening anyway. Do you do this, too?

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be included in this magazine… I hope that you enjoy my design!


32 thoughts on “Just Cross Stitch ornament issue!

  1. My old issues are loaded with post it notes marking the ones I want to stitch. I have stitched more than a few, but not nearly enough!

  2. congrats Monique!!!!! I can’t wait to get my issue, so I can really see how all of the ornaments look!!!! Maybe it will come in the mail today?!?!?!?!!! fingers crossed!!!!

  3. Got my copy over the weekend. Sometimes I’m in a fog. Little did I realize that you are the “Monique”. I received your “Fall” chart that you gave. Thanks so much.

  4. How exciting, Monique! Congratulations :o) Your ornie is fabulous and would certainly be on my ‘to stitch’ list – which, like yours, hardly ever gets started. But the planning, the planning… what fun!

  5. How cool! I just bought my copy too. I think it is one of the things I look forward to most every year. Getting my magazine, sitting and picking out ornaments to stitch, reading all the designer stories…Congratulations on having an ornament in “THE” magazine of the year =)

  6. I TOTALLY do this. Pour over the magazine, make lists, and rarely do I get around to stitching any! But how much fun to look. :) I tried to stop at Borders this morning for a copy but they weren’t open yet – grr.

    Your ornie is super cute: congratulations!!!

  7. Oh I can’t wait to get mine .. should be any day now! I love your ornament Monique :) I do the same thing, pour myself a cup of coffee and spend time reading the all the stories and planning what ornaments I want to stitch .. and then never doing them! argh! lol

  8. Congratulations, Monique! It looks lovely! Such an honor — but then again, you are very talented.

  9. Monique, I do the same thing–I have sticky notes and notes on who will recieve them as gifts, bought the appropriate fabric and threads….and haven’t stitched a one—but I take them out every year about this time to just enjoy them, plan again….Still waiting on this year’s issue to arrive in the mail. From the picture, I can tell that your design will be one to mark to stitch.

    Thanks, Deborah

  10. I’ve ordered mine thru SB&B which means my copy should arrive just in time for Xmas 2008 (maybe! LOL). How awesome to have your design in print – and it’s a really lovely one – congrats! :D As for the stitching, the best thing I did this year was to sign up for a monthly challenge where we’ve been stitching one order a month from a specific page layout, it’s been really motivating to get pieces stitched :)

  11. I was just off to write to you and then saw your post…I got mine last week, but immediately started stitching my two favorite designers (LHN and BBD) well anyway…last night I was making my list and checking it twice and I had be Merry on there…well anyhoooo…I went to look up who the designer was and saw it was YOU! HOOTIE HOOT! Yay for you I love it!

  12. Congratulations Monique! I love your design! Can’t wait to get my copy but I think it’ll be mid-October before the ONS I have it ordered with gets it in.

  13. Congrats! It looks good! I haven’t picked up my copy yet. I went to the store and they hadn’t put them out yet. Will try again tomorrow.

  14. Shhhh…yes, I totally do that! I have so many lists of designs that I want to stitch each year, but don’t think that I have actually finished one :( It sure is fun to go through it, though and make out those lists!

    Your design is wonderful…congratulations!

  15. Love your ornament! Congratulations!!! I do love to plan which ornaments I want to stitch from the issue, but then I never seem too. Ah well, like you said, the planning is fun!

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