a finish + a winner

Keeping it short & sweet tonight… trying to finish getting a trunk show ready!

I finished the stitching bug design by Barbara Ana but I used my living room colors… I originally pictured this as a dangly pillow thing to hang off of the lamp, but it’s a little big for that, I think. Maybe a small couch pillow? Into the scrapbook? Hmmm….

Today’s doorprize info: Hubby just picked a number and the winner is Amy A. from Cleveland, OH


11 thoughts on “a finish + a winner

  1. Hi Monique,

    Congratulations on being in the new issue
    of the JCS Christmas Ornaments issue. What
    a thrill it must be to see something that
    you designed front and centre on the page.
    I haven’t got a copy yet, but you can bet
    I’ll be grabbing one as soon as I can.
    Can’t wait.

    Don’t Bug Me…is so cute! Love the
    googlie eyes, and your colour changes.
    A handy sentiment to have hanging around.

    Looks like you had a blast at the TNNA
    show…and Yoiks!!!…look at all the
    droolicious stash that you brought home
    with you. Those mesh bags look amazing.
    I think I need something like that to
    carry my stitching in when traveling to

    I’ve never heard of stitching on
    gauze before. Surely it’s not like the
    stuff you use in first aid?? I’m
    intrigued. Can you educate those of
    us who are unfamiliar with it please?

    Your Halloween thread holder designs are
    adorable, and your polka dots look just
    fine to me.

    I’ve been making lists from the Online
    Needlework show too. Because I haven’t
    got enough stash bulging out of my
    closets and cupboards already. Sigh!!


  2. Monique,

    How about making that stencil for your etsy shop? I know I would buy one in a heartbeat. See you in Oct. at Jeanne’s.


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