a new decal + a winner

I recently had a decal made for my car and put it on today… my daughter was horrified. “Oh mom!” she said, rolling her eyes a bit, “now everyone will know I have a mother who stitches!” (a fate almost worse than death, isn’t it?) I think it’s cute:

I have listed a few of the Halloween bat threadholders in my Etsy shop… these are going fast; thank you!

Cathey (in Canada, I believe) of the Pumpkin Patch blog is today’s doorprize winner :)


16 thoughts on “a new decal + a winner

  1. OMG, that’s terrific! And what fun is parenthood if your children don’t die from the embarrassment of being your child now and again? ;o)

  2. I don’t know what a decal is, but if it goes on your car to show the world you’re a stitcher, then I think it’s utterly cool.

  3. I love the decal! Wish I had one. I’m outnumbered by men/boys in this house. I need something girly for my van! :-)

  4. What a fun decal, and how perfect for you. Good luck with the trunk show and congratulations on your ornament in the JCS issue. I just got my copy in the mail on Friday so am still reading through it. Loved your earlier finish of the stitching bug, what a fun design. The colors in her designs are so wild, they just make you smile.

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