the dirty dogs

A few Sneaky Senators have hotlined the Orphan Works legislation, and passed it through with unanimous consent… which doesn’t mean that every senator agreed. UC is what happens when a bill is hotlined (or pushed through quickly under the radar) and no one has time to say they disagree. Like when they are more concerned about an economic crisis. So now it’s on to the House, and this is our last chance to get our message through.

PLEASE, go here and send a message to your Representative to oppose the Orphan Works bill. It’s a form letter, so all you have to do is add your address… takes like a minute. I did it this morning and here’s the complete email I received in return:

To: <>
Subject: From the Office of Congressman W. Todd Akin

Thank you for contacting my office.

Wordy fellow, eh? Well, at least my two-cents reached his office.

If you would like to know more about the Orphan Works legislation, and how it will affect ALL of us, please visit this site:


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