two winners and a table full of charts

Yesterday’s doorprize winner was Susan from Glendale, AZ and just for fun I thought I’d also pick the very last entry which was from Sabine. (I know Sabine from somewhere, but where?!) I really wish I had time to respond to all of the emails I get during these shows…so many of you tell me stories about how my designs relate to your lives and I just love that! It’s really fulfilling for me to be able to connect, you know?

I meant to do Tanya’s tag, and share 6 things but to tell the truth I’m pooped. I’m leaving tomorrow for a weekend stitching retreat plus a little extra vacation time and I still need to pack… and I’ve been fighting a sinus infection. Oh, and my kitchen table looks like this:

I had needlework show orders to pack plus a full trunk show and a mini- trunk show going out, so for most of the last 2 days I’ve been printing, assembling, packaging, shipping… rinse & repeat. This would have been a heck of a lot easier if I had planned ahead like I intended to do. But you know I’m a last-minute kind of girl.

One more day and I’ll look just like Leila here (as painted by Sir Francis Dicksee in 1892) except I’ll have a needle in my hand. And I probably won’t be sitting on leopard skin.

Have a lovely week!


9 thoughts on “two winners and a table full of charts

  1. What? No leopard skin for you? You disappoint me… Nah, not really :o)
    You go and enjoy your retreat, Monique. Sounds like you’ve earned it!

  2. Your kitchen table looks much more organized than mine!How come you don’t have to tape pictures to your covers like I do! hehe! Have fun at the retreat-sounds wonderful!~Annie

  3. It’s your turn to win a prize now – check out my blog!

    Hope you’re recovering from all your busy-ness!

  4. But really, shouldn’t we all have stitching areas that are so luxurious. I’ll work on that. Leopardskin, here I come!

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