a few things I saw

On the way to the retreat, we stopped at the Hallmark factory in Kansas City. One room of the tour featured handmade Christmas trees that Hallmark employees had made for the owner and I just really liked the angel on top of this one.

This tree was made up of bits and beads glued all over… interesting!

At the retreat, I saw a finishing technique I hadn’t seen before… see how this jumbo rick-rack is sewn on with tiny beads? Looks polka-dottish and is easy to do.

This is Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty,MO. Very neat place! They had tons of models (which sucked me into more chart purchases than I’d normally have made) and I found a few OOP BOAFs there, too.

This awesome room at Old Mill was full (and I mean FULL) of beautiful hand-dyed wool felt… they were arranged by color around the room and it was like standing in the middle of a yummy fabric rainbow.

We went to the local mall one evening and saw this crazy kiosk! Really, would you want to be seen in a dentist’s chair in the middle of the mall getting your teeth whitened?!

I had a nice time, but it’s good to be home.


6 thoughts on “a few things I saw

  1. We did have a great time didn’t we. I love Old Mill. Such a neat shop. All kinds of nooks and crannies! And hanging out with your for a long weekend was too fun! That finish on the fob Sue made is wonderful.

  2. My LNS had a model of the SB fob. Too cute, and clever. I love it.

    I’ve never wanted to go to Liberty, MO before. Leave it to Monique to change my mind. That store looks great!

  3. Oh I love Old Mill too! Its my favorite shop on the annual shop hop!
    That is a cool finishing technique. Looks great with your piece.
    Glad you enjoyed the retreat!

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