Cheese enjoyed the weekend, too

It was Cheese’s first stitching retreat weekend and he got into a bit of mischief! In the conference room, he headed straight for the snack bowl:

And then at the shops, he hogged the sale baskets:

He even played dead on the table at dinnertime! So we had to eat him. (not really)

On the way home, he wanted to stop at an antique mall and found a few fun things:

I caught him admiring himself in an old mirror when he thought no one was looking:

But look what he found for me to bring home… vintage Vogart stitching patterns!


10 thoughts on “Cheese enjoyed the weekend, too

  1. I’m glad Cheese had a good time, even if he did get into some trouble. You know, I was just telling my daughter about him, and saying that I missed him. It’s great to know that he’s still doing whatever it is he does!

  2. You were very brave to take Cheese with you on your retreat — I don’t know that Tinklepaw would be able to handle it. However, Cheese did make some wonderful finds for you!

  3. I just found your blog and I LOVE it!! It just makes me smile~
    I’m glad Cheese had a great time~ He is so cute~

  4. What great pictures, all of Cheese’s posing is so cute, especially the one with the mirror. Thanks for a wonderful posting and the smile for my day. BTW, all your stash in your previous post was awesome, I am sooooo jealous.

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