a napping cat, a pretty wip, and a sweet froggie

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor stitching and got up to answer the phone…when I came back, Katie was napping on my WIP! I guess whoever gets this ornament in exchange will be getting some cat hair as a bonus.

I’ve been having fun stitching on this Primitive Needle design, “Simply Live”. I usually never even look at color keys on charts and just do my own thing, but when I saw this model at the St. Charles show I fell in love with the colors Lisa used… so I’m doing it as charted with the Crescent Colours conversion. Very pretty! I’m going to leave off the bottom alphabet so I think I’ll be able to finish fairly soon. I hope.

Penelope (our boy frog with a girl’s name) doesn’t get his picture posted on my blog very often, and I don’t want him to feel left out… here he is hamming for the camera this morning. Look at those eyes!

15 thoughts on “a napping cat, a pretty wip, and a sweet froggie

  1. Love the progress on your PN Quaker piece. And what is the wonderful piece Katie is napping on? Looks like another have to have. I hope to finally get some stitching in today. . . Cheese looks like he got into some mischief at your other retreat. LOL Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Ooh, I love your WIP of Simply Live! I have that one on order (I’m really hoping it arrives this week as it’s already been posted) and I’m glad to see there’s a CC conversion. I can’t wait to start it, it’s such a lovely design :)

    Love the pictures of your pets too!

  3. lol :) Love the pics of Katie and Cheese – I am new to your blog so please tell me, how did your frog get the name Penelope?

  4. Your cat is sweet. My cats do the same thing. If I put a book down or lay clothes on the bed they are right there. Is it because it has our scent on it? Love the stitching. Enjoyed the picture of the frog and the post about Cheese. LOL

  5. Love the colors of “Simply Live”,
    looks like Katie is really enjoying herself and Penelope is just amazing!!

  6. Penelope is GORGEOUS! When did she get so pretty? And I’m just laughing at Katie. Cats!! Wonderful WIP that you’re working on. :D

  7. Cute kitty pic!! Precious. WOW – that SIMPLY LIVE is gorgeous – those colors – soooooo pretty indeed. Now I need that pattern. LOL

  8. Beautiful WIP!! I love Lisa’s designs. Your kitty is adorable, reminds me of my beloved kitties waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. :) Orange cats are the best!!

  9. Lovely colours in your WIP. Looking forward to seeing more on this one.

    Love the WIP Katie is sleeping on!

    Cute frog!

    Had a good giggle at Cheese’s adventures!

  10. Hmmm…your Katie and my Rollie are like minded — Rollie has to be in the middle of anything quilty or stitchy I am doing. Your frog looks like a softie! I love your work and I got the new ornament magazine and I love your design! I will be making it up for sure.

  11. Katie must have want you to take a rest too, LOL.
    The froggy is very white, I hoped its not attacking Cheese….am amazed with his adventures!

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