a few finishes + a ten year old

I started LHN’s Friendship square (from one of the Dear Diary designs) at the retreat and just finished it. I’m going to put it in my stitching scrapbook as a little memento of the weekend.

And how cute is this?! My friend Marianne (of Midnight Stitching) gave us this design at the retreat and I think this is one of the best ornament designs I’ve seen in a long time. Mar told me it will be available as part of a future release, although I’m not sure which one…you can ask her for more info. I’ll be using this one here for my exchange piece with my local group, but I will be stitching it again for our tree.

It’s official… I’m the mother of a ten year old! We’ll be going out for a quick family dinner at her favorite restaurant tonight, and then Friday night we’ll be partying at the “Boo at the Zoo“.

Happy birthday, my Sweet Pumpkin Pie :)

21 thoughts on “a few finishes + a ten year old

  1. I Love, love, love the ornament!!! Happy birthday to your daughter =) Mine turns 22 in November. They grow up too darn fast.

  2. Congrats on your recent finishes!
    I’ve been hiding away from my PC for over a week now as my needles were smokin’ hot… lol I’m giving myself few hours tonight to read blogs and update myself on what’s happening in the blogland.:)
    Hapy birthday to your young lady!:)
    Hugs – Lody

  3. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!! Hope it was a special day! Monique I love how Snowman’s Quaker Christmas turned out. And you are right, it will be bundled with another Quaker chart as a thank you and happy holidays from me! Love your LHN Friendship, very nice piece.

  4. I love the little snowman. Will be keeping an eye out for it’s release. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter, Monique!
    You’re right, that Christmas ornie is cute as a little button. If I had it, I would definitely drop everything I’m working on to stitch it myself :o)

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Love your snowman ornament! So cute. I shall be on the look out for when Marianne releases this one!

    Love your LHN finish too.

  7. Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl! She’s such a cutie!

    Love your finished ornament, your LHN turned out so pretty too!

    It was so nice to meet you at the retreat. Cheese did so good on your trip home, nice patterns!

  8. Congratulations to your Pumpkin Pie!! Double digits is a serious milestone. Wow.

    I adore that ornament from Marianne. I want one. So cute.

  9. Happy 10th Birthday Gurl!

    Lovely finishes. The Christmas Ornie is cute indeed.

    Enjoy your family day with the birthday girl!
    happy weekend :)

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