Etsy stuff

I’ve listed the last batch of Halloween bat threadholders in my Etsy shop. They’re cute… you know you want one before they’re gone, right?

I’ve also listed my first Studio Twenty design, “a frog ornament”. Catchy title, no? (I want to start offering my Etsy friends exclusive designs so watch for more in the future) This chart is packaged in my usual 6 x 9 zipper bag format, and includes a set of finishing forms. Did you see my finishing form tutorial a while back? These things are neat!

A little question for you: Are you an Etsy shopper? I love,love Etsy and all the handmade goodness found there… I look through the newest listing in 2 categories almost every day (needlework and bookmarks) and often use the Time Machine 2 search function. I’m going to try for a completely handmade Christmas this year, so I’m sure I’ll be buying some Etsy goods to fill in for those I’m not able to make myself.


3 thoughts on “Etsy stuff

  1. I just ordered the frog ornament pattern and can hardly wait to stitch it! Could you tell me what size form is used for the frog ornament? My LNS sells those and I can pick up a few more while I am there tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. Love the Halloween floss holder and the froggy ornament is brilliant!

    Thank you for letting me know my PIF is on it’s way:) I’ll be stalking postie towards the end of next week! That will make him even more grumpy than he usually is! LOL!

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