saturday stitchbookin’

Shoo… I was a woman obsessed today! I spent most of the day working on getting my stitchlings mounted into my stitching scrapbook. I got probably 10 more pages done. Well, done as far as the stitching goes… I still have to go back through and add doodads, journaling, etc. (hoping to do a bit of that tomorrow) Here’s a few pics:

We had a great time at the zoo, and wound up having a tailgate party in the parking lot after hours… it was pretty chilly, though. Fall has officially kicked in around here, and the air is nice and crisp in the mornings and evenings! I always feel my best (both mentally and physically) in the Fall; wish it lasted longer.


19 thoughts on “saturday stitchbookin’

  1. Oh those are awesome pages, Monique! What a treat that scrapbook must be to flip through. I love it!


  2. I never thought of putting in stitched pieces in a scrapbook – what a clever idea :) I love the Be Calm and Don’t Bug Me, I’m Stitching pieces especially :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, this stitch book is such a wonderful idea of yours, Monique! Looking very good :o)
    Finally I managed to send the birdie kit your way, so hopefully it will arrive in the course of the week :o)

  4. I love your stitching scrapbook and I love the concept of it. I am seriously thinking of following suit. BTW — I received my order and really really quickly. Thank you!

  5. Can you explain to me again how you get your fabric so neat around the edges with no fraying? You put the wonder under on the fabric first and then trim and that’s how there’s no fraying? That is my biggest problem with stitchbooking.

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