some of what I’ve been stitching

Sally liked her PIF! Thank goodness; I tend to stress out about what to stitch for other people. I scoured her blog for hints and decided to make a project pouch with sampler motifs and ‘hidden’ initials. Now to plan for my next PIF victim…

I had a WONDERFUL weekend! Lots of fun with friends, lots of stashing, lots of eating, and very little sleep… heck, I partied so hard I’ve got a broken toe. (really) It’s finally starting to feel a little better, although I still can’t bear to wear a shoe for very long. I hope I recover soon because in about 9 days I head to Branson for another stitching weekend.

At the Stitch-In, I started a few things, and finished two:

This is JBW’s French Country Rooster. I’m doing it in turquoise colors to match my MIL’s kitchen… this will be part of her Christmas gift.

This is last year’s HIH Halloween design, minus the border. I just wanted a bitty thing to put in my scrapbook.

This is “Boo” by Blackbird Designs… I’ll use this one for an exchange block next year. (I can’t believe I’m planning that far ahead)

One of the ladies was unloading her BOAF charts, and of course I couldn’t resist helping her out. Here’s the start of “Patience”. These are all small, but I really got way more stitching done that I thought I would. I also started on something I’m doing for my hubby but I can’t post that here :)

I need to do some work, but I really want to do is put my foot up and have a nap…


13 thoughts on “some of what I’ve been stitching

  1. I love the project pouch you made for Sally, very pretty design and colours!

    Your other WIPS/finishes all look great – I like the turquoises you’ve chosen for Rooster.

  2. Wow, one gorgeous picture after another!

    (Please tell me what fabric you used for scrapbook piece!)

  3. Wow, love all your projects and I can’t believe you have a block ready for next year!!! Your BB Boo is great! Love Sally’s bag! You have really been busy!

  4. I LOVE my PIF!! I can’t thank you enough:)

    Lovely colour you chose for the JBW rooster and your finishes are so cute:) Looking forward to seeing more of the BOAF.

    Ouch a broken toe sounds rather painful. I hope it heals well soon.

  5. Monique, what great wips! and I love your project pouch!!! You’ve been busy!
    So sorry to hear about your toe:( Makes mine hurt thinking about it!

  6. You broke your toe stitching????? Okay, I managed to cut my hand to the point of bleeding profusely on a pillow case (honestly!), but breaking a toe whilst stitching is new to me. Sorry to hear it, though!
    You have made some amazing progress, lady. Lovely projects!

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