Happy Halloween 2008

We missed HSM3 yesterday, so we’ll be catching that this afternoon then doing some trick-or-treating… and the weather is just perfect! It will be a nice change not to freeze on Halloween night.

My husband and daughter carved pumpkins last night and they turned out pretty good, I think:

I got the neatest gift in the Halloween exchange last weekend! My friend Carolyn made me a triangular sitty-thing (I’m sure there’s an actual word for this… standup, maybe?) that’s weighted with sand. Some of that ladies were teasing that I could use it as a sign on my nightstand:

And, as promised, the winner of the LHN chart drawing is: Theresa over at Giraffe Xing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her blog before… I love her header and blog colors!

Here’s hoping you have a safe and not-too-scary Halloween!


12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2008

  1. What great jack-o-lanterns!! Cute halloween stand up thingy:) (and love the ladies teasing you to put it on your nightstand!! Too funny!!) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  2. Love the trick! That is so funny! If I had that on my nightstand, my husband would probably want one that said “TREAT” on his nightstand, lol!!!!

  3. Those jack-o-lanterns are just amazing!!! And the stand up things are sooo cute!!!!
    Thank you so much for the chart~ I feel very lucky to be drawn from the pack!!

  4. Love the pumpkins!! And that is a neat little triangle standup thingy. LOL. I chuckled at the suggestion to use it on the nightstand.

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