the weekend

was very nice! HSM3 was good although I didn’t like the music as much as I liked the music from 1 & 2, and there was a scene where Troy was spinning around in a hallway that made me queasy. Trick or Treating went well; the weather was perfect and the candy was flowing! Cheese went out in his wizard costume:

I finished another block for my monthly STO group exchange:

And with yesterday’s extra hour I was able to finish up covering some composition notebooks for a project I’m working on:

Mostly though, I’ve been catching up on laundry, making threadholders, and caring for a sick little girl who I told that if she coughs on her mother one more time I’m putting her out in the yard! I was kidding, of course, although it is very warm outside and I am getting tired of being coughed upon. We were sitting across from each other playing UNO and I don’t know how many germs I inhaled!

Ah well. The joys of motherhood :)


12 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. Oh! Cheese is so cute!!!! And you are so clever! Your stitching is gorgeous but you know I think that about everything you do . I am intrigued with the notebooks. Why are you covering them and how are you covering them? They are quite chic.

    Poor sick girly! Don’t worry, Mom — mother’s build up some resistance to kiddie germs. However, putting her out in the yard in the sunshine might go a long way to making her feel better. My mom was always a firm believer in that — sort of dries up the germs!

  2. Cheese looks very wizardly in his costume. :-)

    I’ve gotten used to the germy end of my girls when they’re sick. It never fails that they come up to me and then cough or sneeze on me. I guess in their world they think Mom = Human Kleenex. :-)

  3. How well I remember the days of coughing kids. Now its coughing teenagers….and they’re not much better! Sweet monthly block!!

  4. Great stitching finish…it’s cute!
    Hope your little girl is healthy soon!
    I was coughed on 2 weeks ago and still trying to get over this cold I received from my son.
    ~ sigh

  5. In our house, I’m thinking of making germs one of the major food groups. It’s gross. LOL!! I hope everyone’s in good health very soon.

    Cheese looks like s/he made out like a bandit over Halloween!

  6. Cheese is very cute in his costume! Love the cupcake block! Sorry to hear your daughter is under the weather and I hope she’s well by the time you leave for your retreat. I’m sorry FJ won’t be joining you. I haven’t had enough time to accomplish what I need to and am running behind. I hope you got that message. Take care and have a lovely time in Branson!

  7. HA! Cheese is tooo cute!
    Love the composition books! Great job!
    So sorry your daughter is sick and hope she’s better soon:) Hoping you don’t get it!

  8. Pretty notebooks! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar.

    Adorable block – is it one of your designs?

    We’ve been battling taking turns with colds here, and I’m already very ready for cold season to be done! It’s not as bad as last year, though…so far! Take care.

  9. The carved pumpkins were cute, but Cheese is adorable in his little costume. What a fun addition he is to the different posts. :)
    Glad Halloween turned out nice in your area as well. I can’t remember the last time the weather cooperated for a nice one here, so it was especially enjoyed. Sorry to hear the little one isn’t feeling so well, hope the cough stops soon and she’s feeling totaly better.

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