I got nothin’

I’ve started stitching a PIF and my Round 10 square for the F&S Exchange… neither of which I can show on here yet. I just missed my blogiversary, so I’ll start a contest of some sort soon. Oh- and the pattern for the tote bag is by Whistlepig Creek, called “Charming Totes Two”. This was the first time I’ve been to their website and there are some really cute patterns! I see a few of these in my future…


6 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. I need to get somewhere to look for the pattern or I just need to break down & order it online. I just adore the tote & everytime I see it, I love it more!!!

  2. Is that Hello Kitty sewing?? Where do you find these cute cartoony things?

    So glad you told us about Whislepig Creek!
    I see lots I like:) Enabler!! …lol…

    …and your title says you “got nothin'” ;) HA!

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