I’ve been adding things to my Etsy shop this morning… I have listed destash (cross stitch charts), threadholders, and counting heart sets. I’ll have some more de-stash to list when I get a chance.


I finally figured out how to make a good-looking, clear-printing PDF chart last night so I’m thinking I might offer Studio Twenty chart PDFs that I can Email, too. Any thoughts about that? I never used to like printables because the tangible part of the transaction was missing, but instant gratification is a huge plus.


I heard from the editor of JCS and I am invited into the 2009 ornament issue! Now to figure out if I want to design a companion to “Be Merry” or something different altogether. Opinions?


There’s a little more time to enter my blogiversary drawing on this post… I’ll pick a winner tomorrow night. Thanks for all the blogiversary wishes!


12 thoughts on “11/19/08

  1. lol you know I already ordered a couple of new threadholders :) dammmm I do love your stuff! sooo much fun :)

    I like the idea of being able to buy a PDF of one of your charts .. instant gratification is wonderful! lol

  2. opps, me again .. forgot to congratulate you on being invited to do another ornament for the 2009 JCS! I really enjoyed stitching this years ornament of yours .. if I had kept it, I might say do a companion piece .. but since I gave it away .. whatever you decide works! lol

  3. I don’t know how I feel about PDFs. I loves and don’t loves them. I definitely don’t dislike them.

    OK, I’m going to say, if you’re only selling them online, PDFs rule!

    Congratulations on the JCS Ornament invite! Did you at all envision doing a companion to Be Merry? Do you have other ideas itching to get out? I’m not helping, am I?

  4. Such cute things!!! I like instant gratification – I also like having charts electronically – it saves me space in the filing cabinet. Congrats on the JCS invite – how wonderful!!!

  5. Conga-rats on the 2009 JCS invite! Was looking around your Etsy shop and just may have to make a purchase. LOL I fell in love with the owl treadholder. Pretty much all you have to do to get me to buy something is put an owl on it. LOL

  6. I saw these earlier today on your Etsy shop!
    Love them! and will be back there again. Just got a lot going on today:(
    But excellent items!

  7. I just had to get right over there are order a “few” things. I love the idea of PDF, have bought many patterns this way and it’s great.

  8. I think selling your charts in PDF format is a fantastic idea. I live in New Zealand, and do most of my stash buying from the USA… and I often begrudge the cost of postage.

  9. Hey, that’s great to hear you’ll be in next year’s JCS ornaments issue! :D Congratulations!

    PDF charts rock, IMHO.

  10. Monique, I do like the instant gratification of getting what I paid for. But I was wondering what will happen to the local needlework shops if you sell your patterns in PDF format? I mean, Gayle, my local needlework shop owner is seeing this more and more and I wonder if in a few years if she will even be in business. Then where will I go to get fabric and threads, not just patterns? I mean, I don’t necessarily want to shop for those online.

    Okay. Okay. I’m off my soap box.

    But the really wonderful news is your invite to next year’s JCS ornaments issue. That is really wonderful. And, I think a companion to this year’s piece might be just perfect. Or even something with Cheese (and friends) in it. Whatever you design I know will be great!! Thanks for taking such care in your designs.

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