time for a WIP check






Other than 2 My Mark designs, a Christmas gift, and my Round 10 squares (for F&S exchange), these are my current WIPs. I think I can go ahead and start another thing, soon ;)



12 thoughts on “time for a WIP check

  1. Holy carp, Monique, that’s alot of WIPs! I probably have about seven WIP/UFO’s not designed by me, but they are sadly neglected next to stitching Cross Eyed Kat designs.

  2. Woo Hoo…you GO, girl! Methinks that you need MORE MORE MORE! You’ve got some wonderful stuff going there…why stop now?

  3. Wow! You have some awesome projects going there Monique! I see Quaker Floral in that gorgeous green peeking through. I’d say you have room for another WIP! ; )

  4. I love Pennsylvania German Stocking!! Get busy stitching so I can drool. You know, some more. I laughed when I saw Patience. I thought, Oh, she doesn’t have the patience to finish patience.

    I’m a real smart aleck. Please forgive me.

    Fun, fun pictures.

  5. What is “the F” ,,, goodness – I’ve spent too many hours with the kids!

    Yeah, seems another project is in order. We need lots of stuff to match our “moods” — books & projects & sketch books … never have enough

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