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I added some new Christmas threadholders to my Etsy shop today and spent some time stitching on an exchange project that’s due December 1. I also spent time trying to figure out my new phone:


I think I got more than I bargained for with this one. I wanted a music player, so I got this Walkman phone (pictured in the open position) but it’s waaay more complicated than my old, basic phone. After about an hour with the instruction book, I figured out how to make a phone call and take a picture, but I still don’t know how to save numbers in an address book. Or store songs. It sure looks cool though, doesn’t it?

This is the gangster rapper style of phone, which is a hoot. The ringtones are hardcore rap music and the screen saver is some kind of graffiti I can’t read. It has a built in photo editing program, and the clip art you can add consists of things like a big gold chain with a dollar sign, a red pimp hat, and so on. Oh, and something else… there are flashing lights when the phone rings, like nightclub lights.

I’m really nowhere near cool enough to own a phone like this.

9 thoughts on “what’s new?

  1. I hear you on the phone thing. Just got a new one myself. I have figured out most of it but have a problem scrolling on the touch screen. Ah, technology!

  2. Those threadkeepers are terrific!

    Wow – now THAT’s a phone. lol I just got an iPod this week so I’m still trying to figure IT out.


  3. About this time last year I got a phone that is similar to yours (mine’s the LG Chocolate through Verizon). To learn all the stuff on it, I just sat down and played with it for awhile. I know how to make ringtones and put my music on it, but I’m totally ignorant when it comes to texting and photo messages. I just haven’t seen the need to learn yet…no one I call does texting!

  4. That IS a cool phone!!!!
    All the gadgets are getting fancier and fancier, and it really is being a learning curve for me whenever I get something new!!! It does take a while to get use to something new~~

  5. thread keepers are awesome! i sent out the one i bought from you a while back, as a gift to a friend .. now i am regretting it ;-)

  6. Monique I love that little guy with the Santa cap and candy cane. How clever! Love your thread keepers! Very cool phone!

  7. Girlfriend,

    I got that phone in green last June and I LOVE it! Unfortunately, I text so much, I am wearing out the buttons. :-(

    Oh, yeah, and dropping it messes it up a little… Don’t ask me how I know that!

    You’re smart! You can figure it out!

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