duty calls


This country mouse is going to the big city! I’ve been called for jury duty and instructed to clear my schedule for 2 weeks, although I understand that the duration can (and probably will) be much shorter. I’ll be going to the Eagleton Federal building, which is the largest courthouse in the country, and I’ll get to ride the MetroLink (St. Louis transit) to get there… it’s all kinda neat in a geeky way.

I had planned to take along some stitching, but I just read the ‘rules’ and needles aren’t allowed! Can that really be true? Scissors aren’t either, but I can get around that with my Clover cutter… not sure how to stitch without a needle, though. I think I’ll take a little project and a book in case I have to toss my needle.



7 thoughts on “duty calls

  1. When you think about this rule, it is quite rediculous as women do wear pins (jewelry) pointed, sharp … Maybe just decorate your tapestry needle and put it in your sweater. hmmm … might work

  2. That is a really dumb rule. What’s less dangerous than a 28 petite tapestry needle? You could pose a greater threat with a toothpick!

    But good luck!

  3. Gasp – no needles allowed in the courthouse??? Now that is true torture! I hope you find some good books to take instead.

  4. I was allowed to carry one needle. Not like you can hurt anyone with one little needle…sheeesh.

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