decking the halls

The decorating at Casa Keylon is done. Well, I still have to hang the doves and cardinals from the kitchen lights (a tradition my husband dislikes because he’s continually banging his head on the birds all through December) and then we’ll be done.


Here’s a pic of Katie, caught looking for an ornament to chew on. We try to hang plastic/unbreakable ornaments near the bottom so she has some to tear down and play with… found out the hard way that if we don’t put them down low, she’ll climb the tree to get them anyway!

The tackier glitzier the better in the kitchen. I’m taking it easy this year, but we usually have that cheap silver garland draped along the cabinets… here’s my range hood stars:


This year I added something new– wall garland. I had an 8ft (or so) length of pine garland that I folded in half (to make it fluffier) and hung it on the wall. I’m using this to display my stitched ornaments, which I don’t have many of… hopefully this will inspire me to make some more before un-decorating time. I do like having them all in one place!


Um, just ignore the stuffed ostrich there…

13 thoughts on “decking the halls

  1. Hum…. I’m imagining Katie climbing up the tree……
    The wall garland is really nice~ It’s a great way to display the ornaments~ The ostrich looks pretty comfy there~~ :-)

  2. I love that wall garland idea – never thought of that. I have some draped with lights over the piano but the wall, hmmm – nice idea! Hey, you and I have the same kitchen cabinets it looks like. Lovely decorating and kitty too! Ours is too old to bother with the ornies anymore – she does love to sit under the warmth of the lights though and nap.

  3. Love the ostrich! Reminds me of one I got my mom a few years back :) I like the way you decorated too :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. How can you ignore the ostrich? He is so cute! He might get a complex if he is ignored. And how did you get Katie to pose so magnificently? I have lovely pics of Rollie, which I intend to post, chewing on the tinsel, poking his nose into everything he isn’t supposed. If I could just get a good picture of his traipsing through the Christmas village like Bigfoot. Sigh. It is like having another child around.

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