I’m rich!


Yeah, that really is a check for .08 cents! Crazy, huh?


I took a break from Christmas stitching to finish BOAF “Patience” last night. I left off the top & bottom border because I’m going to do 4 of these together and I think I’ll make the borders all the same… have to wait ’till I finish to see what it needs.

Time is sure flying! Guess I better start my Christmas cards soon.


11 thoughts on “I’m rich!

  1. 8 cents? seriously??? I’m sure it cost more to print that check, lol :)

    Love your Patience finish, very cute!

  2. I’ve got one for 5 cents before…… The postage is even more expansice then the actual check….
    This little piece is so cute~

  3. That’s not the jury duty check, is it? lol

    Hey – I love that bunny butter stuff although DH makes fun every night when I put it on my hands and feet. He says it’s time for me to put on the rabbit but. lol


  4. I received a check like that before. I had the bank close an account. I was in a different state,and they had to mail it to me. I was at a branch of the same bank but they said it had to be done that way. What a waste, thats the bank for you. We still have to chat, I didn’t forget. Maybe soon, Donna

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