our gingerbread house


We stacked star-shaped cookies to make a tree…


the leaves are made from gummy spearmint leaves that I cut up.


Red icing for windows and door, with a spearmint leaf wreath…


and a little more landscaping. There’s a butterfly garden in there somewhere ;)


All done! Now we just have to hope the cats don’t eat any of it…

8 thoughts on “our gingerbread house

  1. Wow! Looks like such detail and thought went in those. Fantastic. Ben is going to do his gingerbread house this weekend – what a mess – I keep putting it off but it will be fun. It will be. lol


  2. Your creations look fantastic! I always wanted to make a gingerbread house but never thought I could. Hmm..maybe next year.

  3. Awesome job! That is one of the cutest gingerbread houses and trees I’ve seen!!
    Congrats! and what a great memory:)

  4. It looks delicious!! Love the pic of your cat just waiting to get into mischief with the tree!

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