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I had a few finishes that I couldn’t post before Christmas, on the off chance that they might be seen on my blog and ruin the surprise:


I stitched a name shield for my husband, but gave it to him unFinished. I figured I’d let him choose the finishing because I didn’t know if he’d rather have it framed, made into a pillow, or just left rolled up in his sock drawer. (he chose framing)

I finished one of these for my daughter a few years ago. (here’s a picture) They are by Hillcroft House; I have the chart for my name, too… I’d like to start that one soon.


This is an ornament I made for a family friend. She likes hummingbirds, and I found a cute one on the Cross Stitch Happy blog. It’s not particularly Christmas-y, so she can leave it up year round if she likes. I stitched her initial on the backside:


And I also finished my mom’s quilt. This was a bit of a learning project for me… it was the first time I’ve attempted regular quilting on my sewing machine on something this size (I’ve always done tie-quilting before) and it didn’t go very well. I don’t know how many times I’d quilt a line then have to seam rip it because it was wrinkly on the back- grrr!


My 40th birthday is approaching and I’m slightly freaked about it… one of these might make it easier for me to handle ;)


14 thoughts on “gift finishes

  1. Monique,
    That quilt is gorgeous – what a treasure!!! Love all the stitching pics.

    I’m approaching 39 next month so we can sob about our ages together. LOL


  2. Wonderful finishes Monique…I’ve never seen those name shields before, very cool! And that quilt is gorgeous, you’ve done a fabulous job!!!

  3. Lovely finishes! That name shield is lovely – I think my DH might be interested in one of those, great idea!

  4. Hi Monique,

    I really love those shields. They look
    wonderful and it’s cool that you could
    choose to stitch it in any colour way
    that appeals. Your daughter’s shield is
    very pretty and feminine, while your DH’s
    is a guys layout.

    Gee, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has
    issues with molasses. I love gingerbread
    but don’t make it because of the molasses.
    Same for bran muffins. The smell reminds
    me, very strongly, of cough medicine and
    one whiff just turns my stomach upside
    down. Even if I manage to mix up and bake
    the batter, as I once did with bran muffins,
    the smell was still there when they were
    baked and I couldn’t eat them.

    In spite of the trials and tribulations
    you endured your Mom’s Christmas quilt
    turned out beautifully. I think you’ve
    made a excellent argument for getting
    one of those quilters for your birthday.
    Useful, practical and a good diversion
    from contemplation of the passing of the
    years. Yup!! … Just wait until you
    turn 50!! You can swing for an entirely
    new sewing room then.

    It seems that Cheeses cousin went home
    for the holidays because he’s not manning
    the desk at the rehab centre at the moment.
    When he returns, probably in the New Year,
    I’ll ask him if I can take a picture.
    There’s a very strong family resemblance,
    by the way.


  5. Such a wonderful piece for your husband and I love the ornie:)
    You did a beautiful job on your quilt! I know what you mean, they are not the easiest things to make…but your finish is gorgeous!! Congrats!

  6. Great finishes. Your quilt is so colourful.

    I think I’ll freak about turning 40 too. My doctor said to me recently she would put me on a call up for when I am 40 in six years time. Aarghh… that freaked me out. LOL

  7. Love your finishes! Glad DH decided on framing *grin* I love these name shields.

    The hummingbird is really cute. And your mom’s quilt turned out great! Sorry about the problems while sewing it.

    Ou definately need and deserve that quilting machine!

    ohhhh 40! WTG! Just breath, it’s really not bad at all .. in fact, besides 50, I think 40 was one of my best years! I know it will be for you too!

  8. Wonderful finishes, they all look great. I hadn’t seen the shields before, they’re fantastic.

  9. Cool shield, quilt, and hummer, Monique!

    Turning 40 soon? We must be just about the same age. That particular horizon is looming for me, too. ;)

  10. Love the colors in the William Badge. Did you choose them, or were they charted? Forty is a big milestone, you deserve the quilting machine.

  11. Monique,

    I really love the spotted socks sticking out on bottom of the quilt! How did you achieve that effect with your machine?? LOL!

    Glad you finally got another badge stitched. I remember when you bought those at CATS! Wasn’t that 2005? LOL

    I should talk, I haven’t finished any stitching in a LOOOONG time. I also haven’t posted any pics of finishes in a LOOOONG time. So, thanks for the inpsiration!

    Happy New Year!

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