clay day


My daughter wanted to make some clay stuff today, so I experimented with her. This little piece won’t win any awards, but it was fun to try some new (to me) techniques. I started with an empty square drawn onto waxed paper and fooled around with ways to fill it.

I liked the way the unbaked squares looked… I might try this again and leave them plain white. Here’s what the squares looked like after painting and gluing the bits back on:


I wanted to paint the edges silver, but it just reflected the pink of the background (see the one on the right?) so I went with black paint instead:


I put eyelets in the corner holes and baked them in place. Tomorrow I’ll drill through the canvas board where the eyelets are so I can put the hanger on:


I glued all the squares onto a canvas board painted solid pink with black edges:


Goodness but this looks a bit 80’s doesn’t it?! I think the closer I get to 40, the more I subconsciously regress back into my teenage self… if I start spraying my bangs to stand straight up I’m having myself committed.


And here are the ornaments Elizabeth made; her colors are much better!



10 thoughts on “clay day

  1. I had a major love affair with Aqua Net in the 80s! Being over 40 isn’t as bad as they say…so far. :)

  2. What fun, the clay tiles look great. I like the way the plain white looked too, very crisp and clean. You are so creative, I love looking at the fun stuff you post.

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