pretty mail + a(nother) pouch


Well I just got a good surprise in the mail;  Anna sent me one of her pretty cards and included a skein of NN thread! Very nice of her! And here’s something weird– the stamp hadn’t been canceled:


-:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:- . -:¦:-


Yesterday I was tidying up a stack of papers and found an envelope with two patches that I had forgotten about! Carla’s artwork is so sweet, and I couldn’t resist when I saw these in her Etsy shop. I decided to use them on the spot (before I lost them again, right?) and pulled zippers and fabric for two project pouches– I only got one finished, though. Here’s a close up of the mermaid patch:


8 thoughts on “pretty mail + a(nother) pouch

  1. Gorgeous patch/artwork! WOW. And isn’t Anna at SB cool to include such a nice skein of floss?? I’m already using the one she sent me. :)

  2. Cute pouch!! and what an adorable stamp patch you’ve added!!
    So sweet of Anna to send you a pretty handmade card with pretty floss:)

  3. What a lovely pouch. You come up with some fantastic ideas Monique.

    Very pretty card and thread from Anna.

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