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I made it down to the museum yesterday to see the Action/Abstraction exhibit and it was neat! More about that later; I wanted to post some pics of the museum first. The building was designed for the 1904 World’s Fair, and it has frilly stuff everywhere… there are sculptures of women along the roof, fancy ironwork above the doors, marble walls inside… nice.


This statue, “Apotheosis of St. Louis” is out in front of the museum. It was given to the city in appreciation for hosting the Fair. And check out the detail on these lampposts:


Photos are generally allowed inside the museum, as long as you don’t use flash. There weren’t a lot of pics I could get to come out un-blurry, but I did get a pic of the portrait hall:


and of Monet’s Water Lillies (which is huge!):


And I found this gem which I hadn’t seen before. It’s called, “Perseus Rescues Andromeda” and was painted in 1603-ish on a solid piece of lapis lazuli… truly gorgeous:


I am always researching things, and learning… and I’m so eclectic in my interests. One time I had a talk about that with one of my college professors because I was feeling wishy-washy and unsettled. I couldn’t seem to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. (I mean, with so many possibilities, how does anybody ever choose?!) He encouraged me to embrace my curiosity, and think of it as a positive attribute; he said it showed a love for life. Although he was probably just being polite, I took his words to heart. Since then, any time something interests me, I research the heck out of it.

There’s a point in there somewhere. I guess I was just chuckling at myself because this post led me on another learning journey… I found out the story of Perseus and Andromeda, read the building plans for the Palace of Fine Arts, researched the social attitudes of the general public regarding abstract art, found out more about the Cold War, etc. I even learned a bit about Jack Daniel… did you know he traveled to St. Louis in 1904 so he could enter a contest? He came back with the gold medal for World’s Best Whiskey!

Oh, and besides an obsession with learning I also love blinkies.


6 thoughts on “St. Louis Art Museum

  1. I love visiting the STL Art Museum. Love the buildings that are still left from the World’s Fair. I can’t help but try to imagine what that area of STL was like pre-1904.

  2. Gorgeous museum and thanks for sharing the pictures! I think its wonderful to discover and find out about things – you never stop learning!

  3. Ah, Monique — your curiosity is a gift! I think that has a lot to do with your artistic personality! Embrace it and learn — you will be an interesting person your entire life!

    Great museum and lovely pics — looks like you had a nice day for a visit! Good times!

  4. Oh, this makes me homesick! I grew up in IL and DH and I loved to go to STL for getaway weekends.

    Waterlilies is not my absolute favorite painting (don’t know if I have an absolute favorite, actually!) but I do love it. I was always happy to get to that room of the museum and just sit on the bench in the middle and stare at it.

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