The End.


I’ll be turning 40 next week and I’m going through some really weird moods!

I haven’t felt like doing much of anything other than trying to get some loose end projects finished up. I’ve been cleaning out cabinets, organizing closets, getting rid of useless junk, etc. Just like “nesting” when you’re getting ready to have a baby…

One of the projects I finished was my monthly LK Flip-Its. I started them a few years ago, but never finished November or December. (October was a very long month around here) I have a frame in the hallway that I switch out every month:


and here’s the whole set:


Last night, my daughter and I had our after-Christmas camp out so today we can undecorate. Every January we sleep in the living room, with only the tree lights on, and talk about Christmas memories, girl stuff, whatever… sort of a final blow-out, official end to Christmas.

So we have the end of Christmas, the end of a series, the end of my thirties… The End. I do feel better having spilled my guts about it, though :)


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  1. 40 is not so bad ;) I think the organizing and de-junking might be more of a symptom of the time of year, rather than your age – I’ve been in that kind of mood recently too.

  2. I totally understand. I did 40 last April . . . soon it will be 41, ugh!!

    I couldn’t understand why the number bothered me so much either. Except for the occasional aches and pains and some weird “bumps” I still feel like I’m 20 . . . except smarter ;)

    With 40 comes a certain amount of freedom that I didn’t have in my youth. Something to be embraced. I am now comfortable enough with myself to go out without make-up (more time for stitching), I have a home (not a palace but it’s mine), a loving husband, three dogs (wish I had kids too but not to be), and a great career. 40 is good . . . it’s only a number (in the words of my BIL that had turned 40 before I did)

    BTW . . . I’m going through the organizing and dejunking phase too . . . maybe it’s a sign of maturity (heaven forbid . . . am I growing up?)

  3. When I was 28–and lamenting 29–a woman I knew in grad school (who was my mother’s age) told me her 40s were the best years. She hiked the Grand Canyon for her 40th birthday. It certainly inspired the “big trips” the dude and I have taken, but I think there’s more to it. I think there is something to having beauty and knowledge. To no longer having the worries of the young. To not yet having the worries of the old. I’ve been doing this for more than two years now, and it’s really not so bad.

  4. Its not so bad. I turned 30 in Dec.

    Glad you were able to connect w/your daughter and have a GREAT start to the new year.

    LOVE your monthly wall hangings. I’ve gotta come up w/something for my home. :-D

  5. Forty is an awesome time of life. I swear I looked my best then, felt my best, and embraced going forward! I had issues with 28. LOL The dejunking is definitely a winter thing. You’re done with xmas and it’s time to start fresh. So it’s definitely not an age thing. Smile! It’s going to be a great year for you!

  6. Well Monique, I’ll be 40 in 2010….so not long now :o(
    But don’t think of it as an ending but a new beginning. We live in a wonderful world, with many things to delight and stimulate our minds, and the best thing is, that there are really GOOD people out there that care about you :)

  7. deep breaths sweetie .. it’s only a number, a big significant number, but only a number! lol .. you’ll be fine. I loved my 40’s and can tell you that th 50’s are even better! see lots to look forward to :)

  8. Hey, I turn 50 this year! I may go into hibernation before the big day!
    I love how you have the one frame for all of your L*K’s!! Great idea!
    After Christmas camp-out is an awesome tradition and what great memories you’ll have!

  9. Hi Monique,

    I’ve been catching up on your blog news
    and, as always, you’ve been busy.

    I love the tradition that you and your
    daughter have of spending the night in
    front of the Christmas tree, talking
    and enjoying the tree for the final
    time for that season. What a wonderful

    I got into a clean out session myself
    on Sunday. Cleaning around the house
    after packing up the Christmas decorations
    and I ended up rummaging through my craft
    cupboard and chucking out a pile of stuff.

    Soon I’m going to have to transfer my
    X-stitch stash from my small craft cupboard
    into the big one, and move the stuff from
    the big cupboard into the small one. So
    a clean out was definitely in order.

    I think you have to be in the mood to do
    something like that. I’m in the mood to
    declutter and downsize. At least until
    I go down to into the library. I need to
    “let go” of books that I’m not going to
    read, or read again. But I am finding
    it hard to let go. Gotta bite the bullet
    and just do it!!!

    I also really like your idea of putting
    the Lizzie Kate monthly flip-its into a
    frame, changing it at the start of each
    month. It’s nice to see the entire year
    complete. This is a really pretty set.
    When did it come out???

    Wow, Cheese is really quite the world
    traveler, isn’t he??? I’m jealous!

    I am fascinated by the clay squares that
    you made with your daughter (Jan 5th).
    How were the designs made on each
    of the squares?? Do you have stamps
    or did you just use stuff around the
    house/craft room to do them??

    I use to love playing with modeling clay
    when I was a kid. I imagine the stuff
    available today is even better then what
    we used. Anyways, your clay squares
    mounted on the board look awesome. And
    the squares looked great left plain white

    I enjoy seeing the many types of crafty projects that you do when you feature
    them on your blog.

    When did you have your portrait painted??
    I’d love to see that.

    In case I’m not back here next week:
    Happy Birthday. Hope it’s wonderful!

    Best wishes, Judy

  10. What a neat tradition with your daughter! That’s the kind of thing lasting memories are made of.

    Don’t worry about turning 40. It’s really not that bad. At least, I don’t think it was . . . it seems like a long time ago!

  11. Love your Flip Its! A friend and I have talked about switching seasonal things like that in the same frame :)

  12. Ok, first off, Happy Birthday in advance.

    I remember turning 40 — vividly. I had the same odd moods and was really pretty miserable to live with. Then, one day, DH got me by the shoulders and looked me in the eye and said “don’t worry about it — it will only last a year and then you won’t be 40 anymore — think about it”. I did — and suddenly it took on new meaning. Now, at 58 I look back and being 40 was a really good thing. Think about it!! Now I use that approach to each birthday and look at the good side of each age — there IS a good side to each age. Now, if I could just get the “aging gracefully” part down I think I would be ok.

    Don’t stress over 40– you won’t feel any different than you did the day before. Celebrate and enjoy it!!!

    Great tradition with your daughter, BTW!

  13. wow, what a great mail surprise!! That chocolate bar looks awesome with the elephants on it!!!

  14. Well, you’re one day, one year ahead of me. Let me know how 40 is – I’m already freaking out about turning 39 on Tues. Hang in there!

    Tanya :)

  15. Happy birthday! January is always such an interesting time of year with post-Christmas, etc. Hope you get to feeling better about it. Love your little monthly flips – they will be so cute to switch out in the frame. By the way – can you tell me about the A&E piece right above it? That looks cute!

  16. I’m close behind you! I think it can be a hard birthday for some. DH decided for a healthier living and is now working out and lost 35 pounds with a low carb diet. None is more (pleasantly so) surprised then I!!

    If you decide to declutter and it feels good for you, go for it. You probably will find some precious memories when you are at it.

  17. It’s not the end! Just think of all the knowledge you have gained and mistakes that you won’t repeat! You now know exactly what you want in life and where your’e going- I think that’s pretty cool! Love the LK flips and what a great idea to change it out every month.

  18. Ah Monique, I had a really tough time turning 40, too. It was dreadful. But then shortly after my birthday, I just told myself to get the heck over it (my language was much more colorful than that…) and then I enjoyed all of my 40’s. And last year when it was time to turn 50, I rejoiced.

    So hang in there, darlin’. No doubt you’ll turn a corner soon!

  19. Turning 40 was a big one for me, but it turned out to be one of the best birthdays for me. Enjoy the year and an early Happy Birthday to you.

  20. I love the LK pieces, so cute. I have several in the series, but not the whole set yet. My DSIL is doing them and has a calendar board she swaps them in and out of. Happy Early Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful one. I really enjoyed my 40’s (I’ll be 50 this year) and hope they are good for you too.

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