went to Mexico!

Mexico, Missouri that is. On Friday I was kidnapped by my family and taken for a surprise shopping trip at a big quilt shop in Mexico, Homestead Hearth. I had shopped online with them before (they run good sales) but never visited in person, so it was a neat surprise! They had signs up all over the place banning photography, so I couldn’t even sneak a pic and claim ignorance… you’ll just have to take my word that it was a nice shop.

I did take a picture on the road, though. If you’ve ever wondered what the middle of Missouri looks like in the middle of winter, here it is:


Yes, it’s really that ugly. But since I had my camera with me, I was able to get a pic of some cliffs near where I live… the icicles formed from the water dripping between the rocks are pretty, even though the whole scene is very gray:


I also got word that a friend received the birthday gift I made for her, so I can share a picture. The design is by Mary Garry and I finished it into a pincushion:


Speaking of birthday gifts, I have gotten a few gifts of “40” things… 40 buttons, 40 stickers,etc. So far no one has offered up 40 thousand dollars, but I can dream :) The “40” theme for gifts is clever, and has made me think of several “40”s I could use in art/craft projects… hmm.



8 thoughts on “went to Mexico!

  1. Oh I know that road! LOL And wow, do you have ice! Every place this year is a bit more gray than usual. You have to make your own sunshine! So glad you had a surprise get away. Did you find anything you had to bring home? Very cute Mary Garry finish! Enjoy your “40” theme gifts! Sounds like neat surprises.

  2. Beautiful icicle pic! Just incredible!
    The pincushion you made is absolutely adorable!! I LOVE it!! Good job!
    and what a fun idea for a birthday theme.
    hmmm, I’m turning 50 this year…lol…

  3. Happy Birthday! We’ve made a couple of trips through MO on the way to CO. The thing that surprised me was the number of huge billboards along the highway.

    40 isn’t so bad…50 is when you really begin to feel mortal.

  4. Wow what a fantastic icicle pic!

    Love the Mary Garry finish.

    I have to admit that I have hated being 40 so far! Maybe it will get better!

  5. Luv your M.Garry!

    I cannot help wonder why they ban pictures. Seems you would be promoting their business. I don’t get it.

  6. I just love that Mary Garry piece you stitched for Tanya! It’s priceless. I do so wish her charts were not impossible to find!

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