Eagle Days

Over the weekend, we went to Eagle Days at the old Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis. What’s funny about this is that we live less than a mile from one of the best eagle-watching spots in the US, yet we got up at 6:30 to go freeze ourselves far away. It was pretty neat, though, I have to admit.


Several years ago, the bridge was closed to motor traffic and later re-opened to foot traffic only. People can walk from MO to IL over the Mississippi river, if they have that kind of energy. (me, I’d rather drive) Eagle Days is a once a year thing with educational programs, trained spotters on the bridge, special viewing scopes, etc. This was our first time attending and it was WAY too cold… we didn’t last long on the bridge. The temp was in the single digits all morning and it was so windy on the bridge… I’m sure the wind chill was a shocking number. I couldn’t feel my legs after about 15 minutes up there!



We went back to the educational tent pretty quickly. See how everyone’s bundled up?


A lady from the World Bird Sanctuary had an eagle on hand (er, literally) and gave an informative talk. I learned that eagles live to be about 20, and that the oldest so far was 41. When the eagle flapped his wings, a big whooshing sound could be heard through the whole tent, which was amazing:


BTW, this eagle is one that was found on the side of the road, and turned in to the WBS to be saved; they fixed him up and released him, but a few months later he was found nearly dead again… he just didn’t have what it took to be an eagle in the wild so he’s now in show business. Isn’t he handsome?!



My gloomy outlook at the prospect of turning 40 has evolved into a feeling of gratitude that I made it this far, and a renewed sense of purpose has me wondering what I can do with the next half of my life. Maybe later today I’ll even feel a bit celebratory, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet :)



16 thoughts on “Eagle Days

  1. Happy Birthday! 40 isn’t that bad, really! i just turned 40 last July (the worst part was the hangover from our party). LOL It’s just another number.

    great pics of the eagle, very pretty bird.

    hugs, karen

  2. What a handsome eagle. They are such beautiful birds.

    My take on getting older…I’d much rather get as old as I can. :-) That means I’m still alive and enjoying life. Age is but a number (cliché, I know…but there is truth to it).

  3. Sounds like a great learning adventure! Love the eagle pictures :) but I can imagine it was cold!!!


  4. Happy Birthday – don’t sweat being 40. As my Mom told me last September, “I’m 80” — LOL Just count the “happies” and not the number of “birthdays”.

    Your Eagle is quite handsome.

  5. The eagle is so amazing! My mouth dropped at the photo of the close up. He’s so handsome and perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  6. In 10 years time when you are turning 50, 40 won’t seem so bad? :-) Have a wonderful birthday.

    Your eagle photos are amazing. What a beautiful and striking fellow he is!

  7. Wow, what a neat outing. I’ll bet yesterday was pretty cold though. Magnificent eagle, glad you got a chance to see him. Hope your birthday was extra special Monique.

  8. Happy (belated) birthday, Monique! 40. Hm. I’m afraid I have nothing soothing to say. I thought 36 was bad enough, don’t want to go thinking about the big 4-0. But when I do hit 40, I’ll be sure to drop you a line and ask for your support :o)

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