guinea pigs, please :)


I’m getting a jump (although not much of one, but still) on my Valentine’s Day stitching… and also learning how to create PDF charts. I wonder if you could help me test this? Please download the PDF and let me know what you think about the quality. Does it open up OK? Is it clear? Blurry? Good print quality? Symbols readable? I appreciate your help!

the Love Initials chart PDF

I stitched mine on 32ct. Belfast (Raw Natural) with DMC… white, 304, and 604. I reversed the red and pink from the way it’s charted because the pink I wanted to use wasn’t quite strong enough to show off the initials well. And I didn’t include the alphabet in the chart because I think we all have plenty of backstitch alpha charts laying around :)



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  1. It opened just fine for me and is very readable. I like that it’s large – very easy to read. Great job!

  2. pdf opens up fine and is nice and clear and large ( just what I like). I think it’s great!

  3. It worked fine for me too. Opened up OK and printed out really clearly. Thanks Monique!

  4. The pdf file works just great. Thanks. The pdf charts are always so easy to read and use. You really didn’t have to put my initials in it though! Hehe. Just kidding.

  5. Agree with all the comments. Opened easily and the print is large and clear.
    Great job.

  6. Monique, First of all, this is a very sweet design. Looks great! So thanks for sharing it with us.

    The PDF printed very clear for me as well, but you have room to reduce the size of the chart and the accompanying text, if you’d like, especially if you end up creating a larger design next time.

    Hope this helps.

  7. What a sweet chart Monique. Thank you so much. Opened fine for me too and it’s easy to read. Symbols are clear.

  8. Hi Monique,

    How’s it going??

    I’ll add my own enthusiastic approval
    for the PDF chart also. Looks great
    and opened in no time flat.

    Glad to hear that the birthday blues
    have eased up for you, apparently
    enough to allow you to enjoy the
    occasion. I think we’re all allowed
    to feel a little blue when it comes
    to growing older, but that’s when
    family and friends can help us to
    lift our spirits and smile again.

    And a surprise trip to a Quilt store
    ain’t gonna hurt either. Woo Hoo!!
    Hope you got lots of pretties.

    Your parent’s cat Moses is a handsome
    fella. Our first cat Eponine (Eppie)
    was all grey like him, even her nose,
    but she was a fluffy cat with a big
    mane around her neck. I still miss
    her after 5 years.

    When my DH and I went to Alaska about
    13 years ago we went to a bird sanctuary
    outside of Sitka and saw lots of Eagles
    and other birds of prey. And you just
    tend to spot Eagles everywhere when
    you’re in Alaska actually. They are
    such magnificent and handsome birds.
    You got some great pictures during your

    The new blackwork (rainbow work?) design
    looks great and is so pretty with all
    those nifty colours. Love the bow and
    arrow in there too. Those colours make
    me think of sherbet. Mmmmmmm….

    You know, I have a pile of Colleen
    McCullough books that I’ve bought on
    sale over the years, but I have yet
    to read anything by her. Tch tch.
    Not even The Thornbirds. I scandalize
    certain of my friends who are rabid
    die hard fans of the story. Oh well.

    I’m not a fan of books that carry on
    the story from a famous and often
    beloved book. I’ve got a couple of
    those type of books too, usually on
    sale, but I can’t bring myself to read
    them. I guess I’m too afraid that
    they’ll not live up to the original or
    will mess up the character’s lives too

    The repair men are here working on the
    furnace (yes, it’s Saturday and we’ve
    been without furnace heat since mid-
    week) so we should be back to normal
    fairly soon. Good thing too since it’s
    -26 Celsius outside today and very
    windy. Ugh!!


  9. Printed out great! It’s a very sweet chart, Monique! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    Sharyn :-)

  10. Thank you so much for this cute pattern! It opened and printed perfectly (which is really saying something because I’m so techno-inept, LOL!)

  11. The PDF was crystal clear, and thank you for the lovely chart. I was glad to help, by the way.
    And may I also say that I simply adooooore your Valentine Blackwork piece? I love blackwork (esp. when it’s not black) and yours looks so vibrant. Great job, Monique!
    Shocked to read about the Colleen McCullough book. I generally really enjoy her books, but reading about what she did to poor Jane and Lizzy… I don’t know.

  12. It looks great Monique, prints out fine, if I could give just one suggestion, I prefer the symbols to be symbols and not letters. They tend to confuse me more than symbols. But that might just be me.
    I’m sneaking this into my travel bag for next week.

  13. Using a dial-up connection, your PDF is completely legible, and in color, with the printable result exactly the same! Thanks for your design & request.

  14. The pdf works great, very clear. Thank you for the design – I have been looking for a quick Valentine stitch.

  15. Thanks, Monique! Very cute, a welcome surprise, downloaded even before I read your post. Thanks for the goodies, what did you say? ;o)

  16. download was good — chart is great — nice and large and easy to read — I wish they were all like this. Good job!

  17. Monique, I finished this cute little design to display for February and Valentine’s Day. I posted a picture on my blog if you would like to take a look. Thanks again for the chart.

  18. Monique: I was able to open – didn’t look blurry to me (on the screen). I printed it out & it looks very good.

    enjoy the week-end, L.

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