birthday stash arrived


  • Just Nan, “snow” tin
  • Bent Creek, Halloween Snapper
  • Victoria Sampler, Christmas Treasures

Here’s what I bought for my birthday gift to myself and it’s all out of character for me!  I almost never buy JN stuff (because I feel clumsy stitching it) but I couldn’t resist this one. VS designs are pretty but I have to think when I stitch them, and I stitch largely to escape having to think so much.  And I don’t generally stitch BC or Halloween, but I thought this one was cute.  BTW, don’t you all buy yourselves b-day gifts?!  My husband thinks it’s a bit silly.  I have always (well, since I was old enough to have an allowance) bought myself a special something on my birthday– this is just the first time he’s found out about it ;)

Thanks much for helping with my trial PDF download…I appreciate all the feedback!

16 thoughts on “birthday stash arrived

  1. Wonderful birthday stash!!! And yes, I buy a little something for my birthday too (usually stash-related, lol!) Everyday should be a birthday!!!

  2. If you didn’t buy yourself a birthday gift, that would put a lot of pressure on other people to get you exactly what you want! LOL. I buy. I pretend I am using the money people send me, but I usually overspend.

  3. Beautiful birthday stash, Monique!

    As for buying oneself a gift, I’ve begun to do that the past couple of years. Niek’s grandmother always sends me 10 euros (is that sweet, or what?!) and at first I used it to go toward a McDonald’s trip with the kids but the last couple of years I’ve used it to buy myself a chart. It’s so fun – I feel doubly spoiled! LOL!

  4. Love your birthday stash, Monique! And isn’t it fun to try things you don’t normally stitch? It always surprises me how much I enjoy an a-typical stitch.
    As for buying myself presents: for a couple of years I was the only person to buy me a birthday present, but now I let other people spoil me shamelessly, and yes, I still buy myself birthday presents. Why not?

  5. Very nice birthday stash. I usually buy myself something for my birthday too as I rarely get stash from anyone else on my birthday!

    I sent you an email about the HAED letter J I’m stitching. Hope you got it.

  6. Happy Birthday, Monique! And of course I always buy myself a birthday present – stitching related of couse ;-)

  7. I always buy myself a birthday gift. Sometimes I buy myself a Christmas gift too. LOL! I just got my Snow tin in the mail, cute huh? I love that Halloween piece, it’s been on my to get list.

  8. Great birthday stash!!! I love the JN tin!!
    I’ve never bought myself a birthday gift…but I’ll begin doing that this year :) !!!

  9. Great b’day stashing! Of course we should indulge in a “b’day something” we want. Isn’t that what b’day money is for? If all else fails you have one thing you really wanted!

  10. Oh yes, one must always buy themselves a birthday gift, or three, or more! :D Indulgence is what birthdays are about. You made some nice choices there!

  11. well, if you dont buy what u like for yourself(b’day pressie) u might get stuff you dont like ;-)from others!! that way you can ensure that its stash you really love!!
    all the best dear.. enjoy!!
    you have been tagged.. by me.. different sorta tag too

  12. Great stash, they will all be fun to do. As for buying yourself birthday stash, I think it’s a great idea. I do it too, that way I get exactly what I want. :)

  13. Personally, I think you have a wonderful idea of buying yourself a b/d gift! Since I have a b/d coming up soon, myself, I think it is a tradition I am going to start for myself. If DH says anything (which he won’t) I will just say “Monique made me do it!” Haha! I think it is a lovely idea!

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