vacation(s), I hope


I found out that there’s a travel show at the convention center this weekend… I’m going to have a look around and then I’m packing my bags.  I hope.  Just 4 years ago I was going somewhere at least once a month (I mean on a plane), but my traveling has slowly been whittled down to just a few times a year now.  I miss getting out and about!

This has been a kinda crummy week; it’s been snowy & icy, with power outages… I’ve gotten a lot of stitching done, but not much else. I’m not much of a winter person anyway, but these snowstorms sure make me long for a sunny beach somewhere :)



6 thoughts on “vacation(s), I hope

  1. not a winter person either!ah.. to be somewhere warm right now! yes, seems like we are all travelling less these last few years..enjoy the convention and dont forget the tag(other post)

  2. Unlike you (and most people I know), I prefer winter to summer, but I can imagine it’s no fun when winter gets as extreme as this. Hope you find some inspiration at the convention centre!

  3. If you stood winter and summer side by side, I’d take winter every time. However, this year has been cold enough that I’ve actually shut the windows (yes, mine usually stay open all year round). Regardless, have a great time at the convention!

  4. We are full of snow at the minute! Happy belated birthday. I don’t normally buy anything for myself but I am going to start doing!! xx

  5. I love that PIF design as well as Joyful Expressions. Please post the Joyful Expressions when you finish it. I saw a pattern similar to this framed once and have never found the name of it. I, too, am dreaming of vacation, summer, and an end to the snow.

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