during the last week, I…

* had a vacation of sorts, cat-sitting while my parents were away

* got hooked on 2 TV shows I hadn’t seen before (Burn Notice and Lie to Me)


* Finished the stitching for a PIF (my original design)

* decided to change my hairstyle (and made an appointment to do so)


* stitched some more on my Jan. 1 project (Joyful Expressions, His Name)

* avoided the computer as much as possible


* started yet another project (Croaksworth by Ink Circles)

* read the last two books in the Harmony series


* read the Tales of Beedle the Bard

* took my daughter to a travel show and daydreamed about real vacations


* noticed the snow sparkling like diamond dust in the morning

* wondered where January went

15 thoughts on “during the last week, I…

  1. Monique,
    How was TALES OF THE BEEDLE THE BARD? I haven’t read it yet. I’m still in HP withdrawl!

    Great post.
    Tanya :)

  2. Wow! Aren’t you productive! I feel like a bum! All I did this week was work full time overnight, mother 4 kids, put together a bedroom for my new son, book my wedding reception venue, clean my carpets, and realize that I missed your birthday!

  3. Sounds like the perfect “vacation” Monique! Love your PIF block!! Makes me realize we have a collage block coming up on STO, can’t wait to see how creative your’s gets. I’ve been pondering mine! The sparkly snow is so pretty!

  4. My daughter and I watched “Lie to Me” last week and we were immediately hooked! I just hope they can keep up the pace and make every episode that good.

  5. You’ve been very busy!!!
    Lovely stitching and the design you did for your PIF is really cute, love the colors you used :)

  6. Wow you have been busy! I love the PIF piece and your other stitching is lovely.

    I love the pic of the snow. It looks so pretty. We got snow on Sunday night through Monday but it turned to rain Monday afternoon and washed it all away:(

  7. Fun! That photo of the snow is miraculous. No snow here in Texas – just ice and then 50 degree days, then cold, then warm. It’s driving me batty. Love your stitching too – that Croakworth has some pretty colors!

  8. I love your PIF design! Hope you release it someday :) and I love your wips :)

    ohh a new look .. do we get to see??

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful week — the photo of the snow is gorgeous. I especially liked “avoided the computer as much as possible”. I am finding myself doing the same thing — I check my email, check my favorite blogs (yes, yours is one of my five favs) and then I am done. Amazing, I am controlling the computer rather than the other way “round! I love your design and when do we get to see the new hairdo?

  10. LOL, Cheese looks very comfortable there with his gaming console! That Valentine’s Blackwork design is very pretty. Although I have no idea what your hair looked like before the new cut, I do like the style in your picture.

  11. I love you PIF design! I want it!!!!!
    Sherry BTW you won the Arelate Studio chart from my blog! Email me your address honey!!

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