new hair, etc.


I got my hair cut yesterday and I love it! It’s crazy choppy, with uneven ends… my daughter said I look like a punk rocker but she’s to young to know what that really means. Once upon a time, I did sport a punk hairstyle and this is not what it looked like. (for one thing it’s all the same color) BTW, the picture was taken using the mirror we have stuck on our fridge, which is why there’s a list of acceptable foods showing there. Hmm… I didn’t have one of those in my punk days.


Cheese has discovered video games and I think he’s hooked… he’s getting pretty good, too.


Made a little more progress on my Jan1 project. The colors are prettier in person. Really.


OK, so it’s getting down to the wire… I’ve decided to just list this Valentine’s design in my Etsy shop while we are all still feelin’ the love of the holiday. This will be a standard issue My Mark chart, just like the other My Mark charts you’ve gotten from your LNS, not a PDF pattern. And if you prefer to have your LNS order it for you, that’s OK, too. It just hasn’t made it to the distributors yet (and I don’t know if it will, actually) so the Etsy shop is a convenient option :)



15 thoughts on “new hair, etc.

  1. I think I told you before that I am absolutely smitten with your Valentine chart, and if I had a credit card, I would order it forthwith. But alas…

    LOVE the new ‘do, Monique! Don’t know what the old one looked like, but this one, er… rocks :o)

  2. I absolutely love the hair!! It is really cute and perky. And….I am glad to see that Cheese is into video games — makes me feel MUCH better about having a Nintendo DS and buying games — for myself! I have even quit explaining it away “for my grandson” when I go to buy games. Hee hee!

  3. Great haircut! Wish mine would look like that:) Like Cheese, I too am hooked,,,but on Wii now. Your Jan 1 project is so pretty:)

  4. That’s YOU!

    I’ve been trying to convince my hairdresser that I want something like this, but she won’t believe me and keeps trying to cut it so it looks “tidy”. But since I rarely comb my hair … well, it just doesn’t work. LOL. I love yours!!

  5. Hi Monique,

    Lookin’ good!! I like the new hair cut.
    Looks like it’ll be easy to look after
    too. I really, really need to get my
    mop mowed. Just gotta find the time.

    Funny that you should say (in your
    comment on my blog) that you skipped
    parts of Inkspell and went right into
    Inkdeath. I just finished Inkspell
    this evening and I have to say that I
    enjoyed it very much, and perhaps even
    more then I did Inkheart. Though I was
    very upset that my favourite character
    Dustfinger was killed off at the end.
    I’ll be starting Inkdeath tomorrow, and
    can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Your Jan 1 project (Names of God) is
    looking wonderful. I love the colours
    that it’s stitched with and I also love
    seeing the different styles of lettering
    for each name, which must be really fun
    to stitch.

    I’ve never stitched a Black work design
    before, but your new design is so pretty
    and colourful (Rainbow work??) that I may
    have to try it out. I’ll need to bone up
    on Black work stitching tips and techniques
    to make sure I do it correctly.

    Your PIF design is also very pretty, and
    I love those colours. (have you noticed…
    I LOVE everything?? Well… I do). Will you
    be offering this one to your fans…friends

    So what did you think of the Tales of
    Beedle the Bard?? I haven’t picked it up
    yet but probably will, someday. And I am
    going to investigate the Harmony series
    that you mentioned too.

    The snow was sparkling (and crunching
    and squeaking underfoot as well) these past
    few days here as the temperatures have
    plunged into the cellar. It was -24 celsius
    when we left for work this morning. Brrr…
    But on Saturday the temperature is going
    all the way up to +5, and it’s going to
    rain. Almost bikini weather….almost.

    Make sure Cheese doesn’t play any of those
    nasty shoot ’em up, blow ’em up, knock ’em
    off videos. He’s too young and impression-
    able for those.


  6. I LOVE your new hair style Monique. It really suits you.

    Your new design is very pretty.

    Oh dear, that’s it, Cheese will be well and truly hooked now!

  7. The haircut is wonderful! Good to see Cheese again. Let him know that I like video games, too!

  8. Hair looks great Monique! Poor Cheese-you may have to hide the controller’s from him so he won’t be overcome-LOL

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