a little finishing


I made this project pouch for Teresa’s PIF… Paula, you’re next!

I also finished a ruler that I started a few years ago. I was at a stitching retreat, and I had finished the project I wanted to do so I picked up a scrap of fabric and just started stitching whatever… I have had less than an inch left to stitch for so long, it only took like an hour to finish the thing up. How silly is that? I had thrown it in a drawer when I got home from the retreat and forgot all about it until last week! Anyway, here’s the ruler:




I’m off to the quilt shop to see what kind of trouble I can get into there… happy weekend!


14 thoughts on “a little finishing

  1. Is that pouch cute or what??? Glad you finally finished the ruler! LOL I remember sitting next to you when you started it!

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