a little luck


Well, I’m supposed to be designing a Halloween ornament for a magazine deadline but I think I’ll share a little chart with you instead… am I a master procrastinator or what?!

Here’s the PDF file: luck_chart_mymark

Now with a little luck, maybe I can turn my thoughts to black cats and ghosts and stuff.



13 thoughts on “a little luck

  1. It’s hard to think about Halloween and fall when everyone seems so ready for spring!! GOOD LUCK! What a great – and perfectly seasonal – freebie chart! Thank you!!

  2. That’s cute!! I need to be working on sewing a chart for the biz, but I’m playing on the computer instead. Don’t beat yourself up. :-D

  3. What a cute freebie Monique! Thank you! Messes with the head doing holidays early doesn’t it? I’m trying to work on Christmas right now. . . bet Halloween would come easier though. LOL

  4. Thank you for the nice St. Patrick’s freebie. I’ll look forward to seeing
    your Halloween ornie in the
    magazine. You know I’m looking forward to
    that issue! :) Lavon

  5. What a fun design, thanks for sharing. Good luck with getting the Halloween one done, that is my favorite holiday. I loved the Halloween Ornament issue they came out with last year.

  6. I love rainbows! I drove through one a few years back – it was a wonderful magical experience!

    Thank you for the design.

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