I’m not sure I get it yet.

I gave in and started up a facebook page… and spent too much time searching for people I used to know.

I don’t understand why so many people keep their profile private. I mean, why even be on there if you don’t want to be seen?

Is facebook meant to be a substitute for blogging?

What does poking someone mean?

I don’t know how to link to my page (is there even a way to do that?) but you can search for Monique Keylon and there I’ll be…



11 thoughts on “I’m not sure I get it yet.

  1. Teehee…I don’t really get facebook either. But I do know that you have to be accepted as a friend to see a person’s entire profile page. It’s much safer than myspace that way. Myspace is kind of creepy. So if you see someone you know and want to reconnect, ask them to be your friend. I think poking is kind of like winking…perhaps they know you or think they do but aren’t sure enough to ask you to be their friend. It’s like grade-school all over again!

  2. Your profile is automatically private to people you don’t friend or who aren’t in your “network” It took me forever to figure facebook out!

  3. Poking is just a way of saying, “Hi.” I think of facebook like email-group/mini-blogging. There is a lot of ways to waste time on facebook. You can spend a lot of time on fb, or a little.

  4. I gave up and joined about a month ago. I especially like the fact that I’ve reconnected with friends from 20 and even (gulp) 30+ years ago. (How can I have friendships that old??) It can be a huge time thief, though!!!

  5. The privacy thing is important for the kids who use Facebook — like my going-on-15-year-old son. I wouldn’t let him use it if they didn’t have that.

  6. I guess I keep private (you can make your page public) because I don’t want people just popping in to see who I married and where I live (the kind of thing those nasty old girls from high school would do). So when curiosity overtakes you, you just have to friend someone to see more. It does take a while and some contacts to make it interesting…

  7. I just started one also and I don’t really see the point yet. I wanted to connect with my nephew and that is what he uses. At least this way, I finally get to see pictures of his new daughter! It’s bad enough that I’m blogging and reading blogs, now I have FB to spend time on! Yikes!

  8. I set up my Facebook months ago, but couldn’t find anyone I knew…so I closed it. My husband has found tons of friends from school…me, no one:(
    So, I just blog:)
    Poking..yeah, just a way to get your attention. Like if I were poking you with my finger.

  9. Hey, Monique, I started a myspace page so I could look at my daughters pics and things. Then, she went to facebook and so did I — feeling a LITTLE OLD for the whole thing. Then, I started finding MY friends on there too and, while I still think it is confusing, I sort of like it. It is easy to keep up with people without the whole email thing and you can sort of post if you are having a good day, bad day, need professional help — you know — and maybe somebody will pay attention. It is growing on me and NOBODY comes to my myspace page anymore. I also have a Twitter page but I just don’t get it at all — think I will stick with facebook!

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