Revolutionary Road, etc.


I just finished reading Revolutionary Road; I thought it was really good in a sort of thoughtfully depressing way. There were several passages that struck a chord with me, like this one:

It haunted him all night, while he slept alone; it was still there in the morning, when he swallowed his coffee and backed down the driveway in the crumpled old Ford he used for a station car. And riding to work, one of the youngest and healthiest passengers on the train, he sat with the look of a man condemned to a very slow, painless death. He felt middle-aged.

When I read that, I thought yeah, that’s right; that’s what 40 feels like. Despite my best efforts, I’m tired and directionless… oh, I still have my basic cheery outlook, but there’s also a new underlying feeling of general malaise.

I suppose reading depressing books isn’t going to help the situation.


ON a cheerier note, how pretty is this square?! Susan stitched it for me as part of an Easter exchange and I love it :)

And hey, happy First Day of Spring!


18 thoughts on “Revolutionary Road, etc.

  1. How can 40 make you feel directionless? I’m 40 and lost job and I feel like this is the best time of my life!

    Love the thistles!

  2. Cute bookmark and square!! Very springy. :-D

    I’d like to see the movie they’re making of “Revolutionary Road”. Can’t wait til it comes out. It came across very thought-provoking and seems to talk about things that most people don’t.

  3. What a gorgeous square!

    Oh dear, is 40 that bad? Maybe Spring and Summer will perk you up? Keep that cheery outlook intact and hopefully you’ll shake that feeling soon.

  4. Moneeeeeeeeque! You have too much going on to feel directionless so concentrate on your cheery outlook! Forget the 40 — it is just a number. I love your bookmark!

  5. I tend to listen to depressing music when I’m feeling miserable – till my partner says “put on some cheery stuff you’re dragging me down too!”

    Time for some uplifting reading Monique! That is a lovely square from Susan.

  6. That square is beautiful. I love the purple and greens. You may be suffering from a lack of vitamin D. Talk to your Dr. next time you see him/her. Hope you get to feeling better.

  7. I’ve had several periods of malaise in my life and I always regret them because they seem like so much wasted time. But you can’t avoid them sometimes…just a part of life maybe. All you can hope for is that you grow because of it and grow out of it sooner than later. Deep down I have that “have” malaise right now, but don’t quite know how to fix things to make it all good again.

    The square is lovely. What a nice gift.

  8. Read some Calvin & Hobbes and reconnect with your inner child! Please! You’re making me scared about my upcoming 40th!!!

  9. I wonder, in your opinion — is the book better than the movie? I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve seen the book — haven’t picked it up.

  10. I forgot to mention — your square is quite stunning. Beautiful design — fabulous colors!!!! Susan is a terrific stitcher

  11. Oh Monique, are you telling me hitting 40 is worse than hitting 36? I believe I told you before, but I thought that was just the pits. I know I’m supposed to tell you to cheer up already, but I can’t, because you already know that. I do hope warmer weather will help you feel better. And remember: “old age isn’t so bad if you consider the alternatives”!

  12. Beautiful square! Monique 40 was the best time of my life! Do some yoga and relax! This is going to be a great year for you!

  13. I was planning to read that book, don’t know if I want to get depressed though.

    That’s a pretty Thistle design, love it!

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