up for grabs: Bent Creek WIP


Would anyone like to give this project a good home? As you can see, it doesn’t have much more to go… the vines, the eyes, and the word “united”. It’s been in my WIP pile for too long, and I thought I’d offer it up here. I’ll hold a drawing for it on Wednesday, and I’m happy to mail it to anyone, anywhere.

BTW, I had a good weekend and I’m feeling much more positive about everything… I promise not to whine anymore about the effects of being 40 ;)


Edited: Michelle was the winner!  Thanks, everyone, for offering to help me out :)


17 thoughts on “up for grabs: Bent Creek WIP

  1. Monique, I like the bent creek piece, and would be happy to finish it and give it a good home!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I’m a decade ahead of you and had some trouble adjusting to the 50s. :) So, I sympathize.

  2. I’m never one to pass on a giveaway. I have a patriotic corner that I could put this in.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Just remember life begins at 50 so you’re in good shape :)

  3. Please include me in the drawing also. I have a patriotic den and this would just be too cute there.
    thanks and being 40 (or over as in my case, I’m 44) it’s so bad afterall. things do slow down a bit but that’s ok; I was going like a house on fire in my 30’s anyway LOL!!!

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. I would love to give this one a good home. I am feeling quite patriotic since DH is coming home two weeks from today!!!

  5. I’m all about Patriotic Designs and don’t have this in my pile…I’d love to be added to the list…thank you!

  6. What a cute patriotic piece! You can count me in the giveaway!

    Visit my blog Monique, I’ve given you an award!!! : )

  7. I would love to finish this for you Monique. So happy you are feeling better about 40. We have one at our house nearing 50 next week. Care to console him?! :<)

  8. Monique,
    His Name is Jesus is also one chart I am planning to start in the next week! My son is graduating from college and is a youth minister in Fredericksburg, VA.

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway!!

    Evelyn In Newport News. . .


  9. Glad you are feeling better…but sometimes you just gotta whine!!!
    I would also love to be entered in your giveaway.


  10. You can ‘whine’ all you want Monique. This is your blog and we are your friends, plus you’re not whining at all.
    I know I’m not American, but I would really like to be entered into the draw. I love Bent Creek!

  11. Whining is allowed. And really, it’s not whining. It’s good to be able to talk about how it feels to hit milestones, and yours really is a BIG milestone. So you go ahead and “whine”!

    Thinking of you!!!!!!

  12. I have a friend who is an Americana freak. Please add my name to your drawing. I could finish it up as a gift for her. Thanks for thinking of your readers when you decide to de-stash!

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