painted on clouds

How pretty is this?! Yesterday evening the clouds looked so beautiful, I had to snap a few shots:


like cloud mountains…


This morning I was busy designing, so I asked Cheese do the drawing for my Bent Creek WIP. (he doesn’t know how to write, so my daughter helped with the names) He threw all the slips of paper into a basket, and dived in to grab one:


And the winner is…


Michelle (her blog) I’ll be emailing you in a minute, Michelle… thanks for offering to give my WIP a new home. I think it’s a good idea to offer up WIPs; it could save a lot of projects from the dreaded UFO status!


8 thoughts on “painted on clouds

  1. Those are some stunning clouds – thanks for sharing the pictures.

    And Cheese beats Vanna White all to bits. LOL!

  2. I love the photos!!!! The clouds are amazing!!!
    So nice of Cheese to help you out!!! Congratulations to Michelle~~

  3. Hi Monique,

    The photos that you took of the sky and
    the clouds over your house look amazing.
    The colours and the shapes within the
    clouds, with sunshine highlighting the
    tops against the bright blue backdrop of
    the sky are as lovely as any painting.
    And as long as they aren’t snow clouds,
    or tornado clouds, they are worth sitting
    back and enjoying.

    I had a little chuckle over the pictures of Cheese picking out the winner of your draw.
    He’s certainly a helpful fellow isn’t he?

    Love the exquisite square that Susan
    stitched for you. What a pretty design,
    and the colours are wonderful. It would
    make such a lovely pinkeep. Do you know
    who the designer is??

    I don’t know that I could read a book like
    Revolutionary Road with it’s dark and
    depressing story. I prefer to read
    something that offers a balance of moods.
    Have you seen the movie or do you intend
    to see the movie now that you’ve read the
    book?? It’s always interesting to see
    how a book is translated into a script
    for a movie. It can also be annoying
    and downright frustrating.

    Perusing through your blog (cool word eh?)
    I found the post showing your finish for
    Teresa’s PIF which is beautiful, and the
    ruler that you put together which is so
    neat. I’ve never seen anything like that
    before. You’re such a clever thing!


  4. Oh! if only I knew Cheezy is drawing, I should have bribe…just kidding…I missed the
    giveaway :(

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