Monday morning

I couldn’t stand it… I skipped a few chores and finished My Sister’s Keeper this morning. Oh my gosh, that was a good book! It was slow going the last 10 or so pages though, because I couldn’t see well through my tears. Not the ending I expected at all; I totally didn’t see that coming.

Read it, if you haven’t :)


Here’s a random picture of one of the framed stitcheries I have hanging around the house here… it was my very first “over one” project, and I remember doing practically nothing for a week while I stitched it. I was so pleased with myself for being able to finish this one! I don’t remember the designer, but I do know that it was in a magazine and I used 28ct. Lugana (which seemed so small to me at the time) and DMC floss.


I walked by my daughter’s room this morning, and saw Penelope hanging out… he cracks me up sometimes! For a frog, he sure has a lot of personality. Sometimes he does what we call “frog ballet”, and floats with one leg out like he’s doing an arabesque.  What a cutie!



7 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. I didn’t see the ending coming, either. I’m glad to know Penelope is doing fine. He looks like he might be doing poorly to the uninitiated. <–hard word to type confidently.

    Love the sampler, especially the sentiment.

  2. Love the froggie picture, that’s awesome! ;) I have My Sister’s Keeper yet to read on Audiobook … I’ve heard it’s a real tear-jerker, so I’ve been waiting until I’m in the right mood to listen to it – good to hear another recommendation for it :)

  3. What a great site and i love your finish! Thanks for the heads up on the book, just coming to winter here so has been added to my winter reads list.

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