Happy Easter!


Have a lovely Easter weekend!



13 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter to you as well! I hope your Easter is filled with tons of love and blessings! I just love that design! Too cute!

  2. hi pet happy easter..
    this piece looks familiar ;-) sorry i havent been around big porblems around here, and also, sorry the woman i told you about didnt come good with the $$ so unofortunately, cant get the frame kit yet.. huge hugs..Pxx

  3. Hi Monique,

    Happy Easter to you and your family. Hope
    the weather is nice, the food is delicious,
    the company is stimulating, and the Easter
    Bunny is generous.

    I see you read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi
    Picoult recently. I read that one several
    years ago when I was in a book club, and it
    was my introduction to Jodi’s wonderful
    books. I remember well when I came to the
    end of the story and, like you, I cried.
    Which was awkward since I was in the bus
    station waiting for my Go bus at the time.
    I’ve been collecting and reading Ms Picoult’s
    books ever since, and of course I’ve been
    reading them and loving them.

    Love the scrapbook pages you made up to
    showcase your stitching. They look so cool.
    I think that the Xmas page is my favourite
    but I also love the page with the seaside
    designs on it. So pretty. It’s a great
    way to keep your small projects safe and
    nicely displayed if you’re like me and don’t
    have finishing skills.

    Your very first over one project is lovely.
    What a pretty design, and I love the colours
    that you chose to stitch it with. I’ve yet
    to try over one stitching in part because
    I’d be stitching it strictly as an at home
    project. This could not be done without my
    trusty magnifier. My stitching time has
    been greatly restricted lately (sigh!!) so
    my current projects are already being badly
    neglected. So no new starts for awhile.
    Someday though…

    Love the pink T-shirt with the stitchy
    slogan on it. Very cute, very appropriate
    for all us X-stitch crazy folk. Bet we see
    a lot of variations on this sort of thing
    around the blogging world now. I love it
    when someone starts a new way to create
    with cross stitch.

    Congratulations on your recent blogging
    anniversary Monique. It’s always such a
    pleasure to visit here and see what you’ve
    been creating, and what’s been happening
    in your life. I look forward to visiting
    here for a long time to come. :)


  4. Happy Easter Monique! I have a plan for my blogaversary gift that I owe you … so keep your eyes open … hopefully I will be able to send it soon :)

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