the Branson report

I’m back from my Branson stitching retreat (hosted by Cecilia’s Samplers) and almost recovered.  I had a bit of a rough weekend healthwise, and I’m glad I still have 8 days before I have to leave for Orlando… I plan to stitch, quilt, watch movies, read, and rest this week!


Dontcha just love the view there?  The hotel is on the north side, so we can see lots of pretty sky, and none of the commercial stuff that’s down on 76. 


Here’s a pic one of the table displays that was set up in the conference room where we set up our stitching nests; here’s what it looked like in full swing:


For some reason, I wound up going to the shop every day over the weekend!   Here’s what I got:

4 skeins Gloriana silk
a BUNCH of Carrie’s floss
Silkweaver linen cut (color??)
Picture This Plus crystal blue Aida
green scroll scissors
Kelmscott mini scissors, lt. blue
10 x 13 mesh zipper bag
JN “Hop” tin kit
JN fob kit for “Hop”
Indigo Rose “The Bee Charmer” biscornu kit
Indigo Rose bookmark kit
Bent Creek Photobooth snowmen with fabric
Mill Hill Jim Shore snowman kit
Bent Creek Clip Art “Merry Christmas”
CCN “Beach Cottage”
BC “The Tree of Me”
Midsummer Night Designs “Immortal Bloom”
BC “Uber Egg”
ByGone Stitches “Eloquent Christmas”
Homespun Elegance “Home is Where You Hang Your Needlework
Midsummer Night designs, Primitive Wizard of Oz
Praiseworthy Stitches, “Hope”
Blackberry, “Nativity Sampler”

PLUS all of the goodies we got from the sweet ladies at Cecelia’s, which Kim kindly listed out on her blog in this post.


Terri and I both have daughters who are into BuildABear, so we went down to Branson Landing to see if we could find tourist t-shirts for their animals (we did).  I had never been to this part of Branson, and it was a nice area with upscale shops and a pretty water fountain. 

My friend Sandy and I stopped at 3 quilt shops over the weekend, too.  Two were in Springfield, and this one is on the East end of 76… from the outside it looks like a  kitchy tourist trap, but it’s a seriously good quilt shop! 


There’s no way I’m posting a list of my fabric stash haul.



11 thoughts on “the Branson report

  1. Great pictures!! Glad your feeling better and you deserve to put up your feet and RELAX!!!!

    Thank you aging for the wonderful prizes from your drawing!!! I’m still salavating(sp?) over them!!!

  2. I need a retreat…in a bad way….
    I’m so glad that you had a great time…and I think you SHOULD list your fabric haul :)

  3. wow Monique! Thanks for sharing with us!!!!! I love Branson & boy, this makes me want to go back!!! I haven’t been there since I have REALLY been into stitching!!!!! I want to go NOW!!!
    Everything looks great!!!!! What a wonderful treat for you!!!
    Now, to go look at the blog you mentioned that lists her haul!!!

  4. I have yet to step foot in a store that was just for needlework! In the area that I live, there are hobby shops but nothing just for needlework! That place looks like heaven! I could probably spend days in that place and never want to leave!!!!

  5. Next time I might do stitch then the Florida trip rather than the way I did it this time. I need it to catch up on sleep after stitch camp! ;)

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time, except for the health stuff. I’m in utter shock at the things you bought. You are a very very lucky woman, Monique!!! I’m glad you had a good time. And that quilt shop looks like, well, a country quilt shop. :D

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